Part-time studies

Here you can find information about part-time studies and information on how to apply.

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Most study programmes at NTNU are full-time programmes, but some studies can be organized on a part-time basis for a shorter or longer period. 

Whom do your contact with questions regarding part-time studies?

Studies at NTNU may be taken on a part-time basis after an agreement with the Faculty. The percentage of the standardized progress in the studies should be included in the individual education plan. Contact your study advisor at your faculty if you have questions regarding this or need to study part-time.

Application deadlines

The deadlines may vary if you apply for part-time studies. You usually apply for one semester or one academic year at a time.

Economy and part-time studies

Part-time studies may have financial consequences. See information about what you are entitled to from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.


Chapter 4 of the Academic Regulations for NTNU on part-time studies (applies to the entire NTNU), and supplementary academic regulations (only in Norwegian).

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