Delayed exam registration

To take an exam, you must register for it by 1 February in the spring semester and 15 September in the autumn semester. But there are exceptions that can exempt you from this rule.

Norsk versjon - Forsinket eksamensmelding

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Rules for delayed exam registration

Registration / notification after the deadline is allowed in the following cases:

  1. In connection with illness or childbirth, or if there has been a death or serious illness in your immediate family. Include documentation with your application.
  2. You are taking part in group work that is directly included in the assessment, and can document that, for academic reasons, the assessment cannot be completed for the other students in the group unless you are included.

Apply for exemption

  • Apply for exemption (pdf) to register for an exam after the registration deadline.
  • You must apply for an exemption by 15 October in the autumn semester and 1 March in the spring semester .
  • Send your application to the Examinations Office (the address is on the form).

Unfortunately, we don't have an electronic solution for applications of delayed exam registration which is in compliance with privacy regulations. Because medical certitficates and other documentation often includes sensitive personal data, we cannot receive or process applications via e-mail.