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This site includes information for students about the oral exam. NTNU uses the video tool Zoom for conducting oral exams without physical attendance on campus.

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Preparation for the oral exam

Familiarize yourself with the Digital Oral Exam Guidelines.


  • Computer: We recommend that you use a computer with Windows or MacOS for oral exams. Zoom also works well on tablets and mobile phones, but can be used as a backup solution if problems occur with your computer.
    Update your computer a day or two before the exam to reduce the risk of automatic updating during the exam itself.
  • Audio equipment: It is recommended to use USB connected equipment such as headset, speaker with microphone or external USB camera with microphone for the best sound quality. Zoom also works with built-in microphones and speakers, but the sound may be poorer due to acoustics and noise from the computer and the environment.
  • Camera: Built-in camera in your computer / monitor or external USB camera.


  • Connection: We recommend that you use wired internet connection during the exam if possible. If you do not have the option of using wired internet connection, we recommend placing yourself as close to the wireless router as possible.
  • Speed: Check your internet connection speed at You should have an upload speed of at least 1.5 Mbps (megabits per second). You may want to advise other users of your network that the exam is taking place so that they can customize the use of the web if necessary.
  • Backup network: If you lose Internet connection at home, there are other alternative ways to get back online, such as Sharing internet through a mobile device.

Install, log in and test Zoom

  • Download and install the Zoom client from
  • Start the Zoom client, select Sign In with SSO , type ntnu as the company domain and click Continue, login with Feide.
  • The Zoom client will remember your login details until you choose to log out (Sign Out).
  • Zoom test meeting, select Join, select Open Zoom and follow the instructions to test the equipment.

Borrowing computer equipment from NTNU

We have a limited number of backup computers available during campus exams for emergency loans, but unfortunately not for use during home exams. If you have any issues with your own computer, you are welcome to visit our Oracle Support Service, and we can help you troubleshoot it. If you don't have your own computer, you can try to borrow one from elsewhere or purchase one.

§ 3-10. Laptop
Students are required to have their own standard laptop computer for use in teaching and evaluation.

During the exam

  • Surroundings: Use a room where you can be alone without interruptions. Sit so that you do not have strong light behind you (camera backlight). Make sure others do not use too much of the network capacity.Equipment: Restart your computer and make sure to quit open programs that are not relevant to the exam. Start the Zoom client and make sure you are logged in with your Feide user.
  • Enter the Zoom meeting in good time before the stated time by using the link or the meeting ID you received from your lecturer. Waiting room.
  • Be prepared to show a photo ID, as well as film the whole room with your camera to show you're alone.

Relevant guides

Digital Oral Exam Guidelines.
Zoom video lectures

Guidelines regarding cheating

Cheating on the exam can result in the cancellation of the exam, as well as the student being banned from the institution and deprived of the right to take the exam at all educational institutions that are subject to Universitets- og høyskoleloven, for up to one year.

For more information see NTNU page about cheating

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