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You can find information about Zoom on this page. Zoom is a high-quality tool for web conferences that can be used for real-time online lectures, online meetings and tutoring. Teachers and students are online and attend the conference at the same time.

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Norwegian version: Zoom videoundervisning

Note! It is now possible to use Zoom integrated in courses in Blackboard. For more
information about this and how to use it, see "How do I use Zoom in Blackboard?"
under "Prepare Zoom". 

You can find frequently asked questions on Zoom's official website: Frequently Asked Questions


If you require help, Orakel support services can be contacted via NTNU hjelp. You can also find useful resources at Zoom Help Center.

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    Here you can read about how to register participants in your Zoom meetings. Norsk versjon: Zoom - Oppmøteregistrering Innholdsfortegnelse [-] Automatic Registration Alternative registration Before...