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You can find information about Zoom on this page. Zoom is a high-quality tool for web conferences that can be used for real-time online lectures, online meetings and tutoring. Teachers and students are online and attend the conference at the same time.

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Norwegian version: Zoom videoundervisning

Note! It is now possible to use Zoom integrated in courses in Blackboard. For more
information about this and how to use it, see "How do I use Zoom in Blackboard?"
under "Prepare Zoom". 

You can find frequently asked questions on Zoom's official website: Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare Zoom

Here you will find information about getting Zoom to work on your PC

Planning Meetings

Here you will find information on how to set up meetings and invite students

Getting Started

How to use Zoom for...


Along the Way


If you require help, Orakel support services can be contacted via NTNU hjelp. You can also find useful resources at Zoom Help Center.

Contact Section for Teaching and Learning Support for help with digital teaching through NTNU Help.

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