From 1 June 2022 NTNU will produce digital diplomas for those who complete bachelor's programmes, Norwegian master's programmes and teacher training (PPU). The digital diploma can easily be shared with employers and education institutions through the national Diploma Registry portal.

Students in international master's programmes, joint degrees and PhD programmes will still receive their diploma in a paper version.

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You will automatically receive a diploma upon completion of your degree

Diplomas are issued automatically after your degree has ended. The degree requirements is regulated by the study plan. As an attachment to the diploma, you will receive a Diploma Supplement (DS). The Diploma Supplement is issued in English, and provides a description of the programme, your grades and a description of the Norwegian education system.

Before you complete your degree - please check the following information in Studentweb:

If you have submitted a complaint regarding a grade or formal errors before the diploma has been produced, the diploma will be withheld until the appeal has been processed. If you have already received your diploma, you must return the paper diploma before NTNU can process the appeal.

Digital diploma for bachelor's programmes, Norwegian master's programmes and PPU

The digital diploma and Diploma Supplement will be available in Studentweb and the Diploma Registry. A digital diploma is a diploma in PDF with a digitally secured signature. The signature is an insurance against forgery and is valid as long as the document is unaltered.

You can easily share your higher education records with prospective employers and others from the Diploma Registry.

 Log in to Diploma Registry

Read more about the Diploma Registry - Learn how to verify a digital signature.

Older results may be missing from the Diploma Registry

Some older results have not been digitally recorded. If you can't use the Diploma Registry to share your results, you may request a copy of your diploma. If we can't provide a copy, you will give you a confirmation of the obtained degree. It is not possible to get a new "original" diploma.

Diploma on paper for international master's pogramme, joint degrees and PhD

The diploma will be sent as a registered letter to the home address you have provided in Studentweb, under My Profile. You must show identification when you collect your diploma, and the diploma will be returned to NTNU if you do not collect it within the deadline.

Take good care of your paper testimony, it is issued only once!

Students who have previously been issued a paper diploma will not receive the diploma digitally.

Have you lost your diploma?

NTNU has copies of the diplomas that have been issued. If you have lost your diploma, we will send you a copy.

If we do not have a copy, we may in some cases make a duplicate of the diploma. You must be able to document that the diploma is lost, for example with a copy of the police report if it is stolen or confirmation from the insurance company in case of fire. A duplicate is a copy of the original diploma on original paper, but stamped "DUPLICATE" in red on all sides. In some cases, it is not possible to make a duplicate, for example if your diploma is issued by an educational institution that does not exist (e.g. Gjøvik University College, Ålesund University College and Sør-Trøndelag University College). In such cases, you will receive a transcript of grades and a written confirmation from NTNU.

We highly recommend that you use the Diploma Registry.

Apply for student status after the degree is completed

If you have completed a bachelor's degree, master's degree or a doctoral degree at NTNU, you can apply for an active student status which gives you access to open courses. If you want to improve the grade after the diploma has been produced, you may document the new grades with a regular transcript of records.

Contact information

Contact your faculty if you have questions related to the diploma. Please note that the Department of Teacher Education has it's own e-mail address:

Faculty of Architecture and Design (AD) →
Faculty of Humanities (HF) →
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE) →
Faculty of Engineering (IV) →
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH) →
Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) →
Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences (SU) →
Department of Teacher Education (ILU) →
Faculty of Economics and Management (ØK) →

For questions about copies of diplomas from previous university colleges that are now part of NTNU:

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