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Here you can find information about transcript of records and how to share your results digitally from the Diploma Registry. Norsk versjon - Karakterutskrift

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You can share your results digitally from the Diploma Registry, or you can order a digital or paper transcript through Studentweb. The Orakel Support Services can not give you a transcript of records.

Share your results digitally from the Diploma Registry

  • The Diploma Registry is a public service that provides the ability for those with higher education to share their results (subjects and degrees) digitally with others if they wish to.
  • If you are no longer a student, you can log in with the ID-portal.
  • If your employer, place of study abroad, or others require your transcript from NTNU, you can share your results from the Diploma Registry instead of sending a transcript on paper.

 Log in to Diploma Registry  

More information about the Diploma Registry

Order a transcript of your grades in Studentweb

You can order a transcript whenever you like. You can order this through Studentweb. 

Former students can also order a transcript through Studentweb by logging in using the ID-portal or Norwegian ID number and PIN (not through Feide). You use the PIN code you received in email when you started your studies at NTNU.

 Log on to Studentweb 

Click on the More-icon from the top menu and then choose Orders.

Transcript of records with digital signature

  • Choose "Transcript of records with digital signature".
  • The name of your affiliated study programme and courses included in your programme will only be visible on the transcript of records if you choose "Group by individual education plan".
  • Available for you 10 minutes after you ordered it.
  • You can read and download it from "Documents" in Studentweb. 
  • You will not have to order a new transcript unless you have new results.

Paper transcript 

  • Choose "Transcript of paper".
  • The transcript will be sent to the chosen address. Your transcript can also be sent abroad. You can change both your home address and your semester address in Studentweb.
  • The name of your affiliated study programme and courses included in your programme will only be visible on the transcript of records if you choose "Group by individual education plan".
  • Click order and your transcript will be sent. Transcripts are normally issued 3 to 4 working days after ordering.
  • You will not be able to order a new transcript until 7 days after a previous order.

If you have problems with ordering through Studentweb you can contact the Orakel Support Services.

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