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If you have been awarded a PhD from NTNU, you can order a PhD ring. If you have completed an architect or engineering degree at NTNU you can order an engineer's ring. If you have studied the Master in Economics and Administration, Management of Technology or Accounting and Auditing you can buy a candidate ring for MØA, MLT and MRR.

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Official rings

PhD ring

The PhD ring symbolizes that you have been awarded a PhD from NTNU. The ring is also for Honorary Doctors at NTNU. The ring was designed for the first Doctoral Degree Awards Ceremony at NTNU (then NTH) in 1935 by the jeweller Jakob Tostrup Prytz (1886-1962).

The PhD ring is provided by AVS Design. Order a PhD ring by contacting Gullsmed Karlgård:

Photo: Mentz Indergaard/NTNU Comm.div.

Engineer's ring

MIT has its "Brass Rat" and NTNU has its NTH ring, named after the old Norwegian Institute of Technology (Norges Tekniske Høiskole), which you can wear if you have been awarded an architect or engineering degree from NTNU. Gullsmed Dahlsveen and Gullsmed Møller in Trondheim produce these rings.

The only way to order one is to get a requisition from NTNU, which you then give to the jewelry maker. You can get a requisition from the study adviser of your NTNU faculty.

Photo: Gullsmed Dahlsveen

Master's ring

The master's ring is now offered to everyone who has taken a master's degree (including experience-based master's degree) at NTNU, or one of the institutions that have merged with NTNU. When purchasing the master's degree ring, you can document having received your degree by linking to it in the Diploma Registry portal

You can read additional information about the ring and order at Gullsmed Møller

Photo: Gullsmed Møller

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Candidate ring or pin for alumni from the programmes MØA, MLT and MRR

The ring and the pin can be worn if you have a Master's degree in Economics and Administration, Master of Economics, Master in Technology Managemenor Master of Accounting and Auditing. Note that this also applies for alumni from TØH. The order will be made via the manufacturer Gullsmed Karlgård's website, and can be obtained from the display of a valid certificate or diploma / ID.

The ring is in gold with a black enamel bottom and is shaped as the outer part of the NTNU logo. The equal sign (=) on the right hand side also forms an E for economics.

Order ring or pin from Goldsmith Karlgård

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