Semester fee and registration

The semester fee is paid to the Student Welfare Organization (Sit). The semester fee is NOK 600 per semester. The fee finances a variety of student welfare services.

Norsk versjon - Semesteravgift og registrering

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Registration and payment deadline

To retain the right to study, you must pay the semester fee and register each semester within the deadlines.

Deadline for semesterregistration and paying the semester fee:

  • 1 February - Spring semester
  • 15 September - Autumn semester

You can start the semester registration in December at the earliest for the spring semester, and 15 June for the autumn semester.

Semester registration

You must register for each semester on Studentweb.

  1.  Log in to Studentweb
  2. Click on "Start registration".
  3. Follow the registration sequence. You will be asked to:
    • Confirm to have read the study regulations.
    • Update personal information, such as your addresses.
    • Check your individual education plan.
    • Generate semester fee invoice.
    • Approve the use of picture.

Paying the semester fee

Students on exchange from an NTNU partner institution will not need to pay the semester fee.

You will find the invoice for the semester fee on Studentweb. You can follow the link on the homepage of Studentweb, or via More - Payments. Once you have created an invoice, you will find the payment information you need in order to pay the semester fee.

If you have a Norwegian bank account with internet banking, you have the option to pay the semester fee online.

It takes 1-5 days from you pay the semester fee till it is registered in our system.

When we have received your payment your digital student ID will be updated. How to download the digital student ID app.

You need to bring the digital student ID to get a student card.

The semester fee has to be paid before you get a user name and password so that you can get into NTNU's IT system and to get access to Blackboard.

Paid the semester fee at another institution in Norway?

It is not necessary to pay the semester fee to several institutions in order to study at NTNU. The main rule is you pay to the institution you use services from. Please note that if you do not pay to SiT, some of the services with limited access will not be available. These are services such as reimbursement, kindergarten and student housing.

If you have paid the semester fee at another institution we must register this at NTNU.

  • Use the following form at NTNU Hjelp. If you dont have access to the self-help portal, please send an email to
  • attach documentation showing that you have paid the semester fee at the other institution
    • Log in to the external institution`s Studentweb via More - Payments, and send us the PDF that shows that the invoice is paid.

Delayed payment of the semsterfee

Did you forget to pay the semesterfee within the deadline? Pay right away. You will still be able to find the invoice details on Studentweb even if the deadline has expired. If you do not pay the semester fee, you risk losing your right to study and having your exam-registrations canceled.

Are you a PhD candidate?

As a PhD candidate you normally do not have the right or obligation to pay a semester fee. However, PhD candidates who take courses not included in the PhD program must pay the semester fee. You need to apply through Søknadsweb if you want to take courses not included in your PhD study, or if you want to take courses before you are formally admitted as a student on the PhD programme. Choose "Single courses" -> "PhD courses for external candidates". When your application is granted you should be able to generate the invoice in Studentweb. If you encounter problems with this, please send an email to

Semester fee reimbursement

If you have paid the semester fee more than once for the same semester, you can claim a refund of the semester fee. This applies if you have paid multiple times for the same Student Welfare Organization, or paid to various organizations. You can also claim a refund if you have withdrawn from the studies early in the semester.

Deadline for reimbursement of semester fee is 1 February (spring semester) and 15 September (autumn semester).

Send an email to when claiming reimbursement.

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