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New international student

Arrival checklist

After you have read the start of studies information for your study programme, there are some practical steps you must follow.

Exchange student? Read the procedures for exchange students.

What to do when you arrive at NTNU


  1. Register for the semester, and pay the semester fee

    In week 31 you will recieve an email with ID number and PIN code, sent to the email adress you registerede with when you applied, Use these to log in to Studentweb. Follow the instructions on how to register for the semester and pay the semester fee. International master's students must pay the semester fee even if they are not taking any courses. Students on exchange from NTNU partner institutions are exempt. 

  2. Create your NTNU user account

    You can activate your NTNU user account when your semester fee has been registered in Studentweb. This will tak 1-7 days. The account is used to access NTNU systems, such as mail, Office 365, Blackboard and Innsida. Two days after activation, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a mandatory digital course in information security.

  3. Collect your physical student card

    As an NTNU student, you must have an ID card with your name and picture. The card serves as your student ID, key card to access specific NTNU buildings, library card and printer access card. Download your digital student ID on your phone. 

  4. Register for courses and exams 

    Exchange students and master's programme students must register for courses and exams on Studentweb. The deadlines are September 15th and February 1st for the autumn and spring semesters, respectively.

  5. Log in to Innsida

    Innsida is your gateway to essential systems and helpful articles about the university and services. This gate provides quick access to popular systems needed at NTNU. Watch the intro video about Innsida.

  6. Log in to Blackboard

    You will find messages from your lecturer on Blackboard. Download the blackboard app and get notifications regarding your courses on your phone. Tips on how to plan your studies. 

  7. Download software

    As a student at NTNU, you will gain access to helpful software for your studies. Here is a full list of software you can download. If you need IT support, contact Orakel support service. They will help you get started!

  8. Gain access to our wireless network

    The wireless network at NTNU is called Eduroam. Eduroam is the best Wi-Fi available at NTNU. Read more about how to get access to Eduroam here. When you are logged on to Eduroam, you will also have access to literary searches and student recources. You cal also gain access to  NTNU systems off-campus by using a VPN.

  9. Apply for accessibility provisions 

    If you have a disability, for example if you need course litterature as audiobooks, or extra time at exams, we would like to get in touch with you as soon as possible after you have recieved admissions to the university. You will need to document your disability, for example by way of a medical certificate from a doctor or psychologist. Read more about how you can apply for accessibility privisions.


Questions regarding studies and courses: Read more about student guidance

To develop and maintain a good study environment, it is important that students report censurable conditions. Speak up if something is not right. STUDIER-chatbot (NTNU0828537 - II-3403) OK crosspublish