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A list of the most frequently asked IT questions at NTNU.

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Frequently asked questions about IT

I'm a new student. What to do?
Please follow the steps in our arrival checklist for international students.

User account

I'm a new student. How do I receive my username and password?
Before receiving your NTNU username and password, you will need to complete some of the steps in our *arrival checklist*.

I've forgotten my user name / password. Where can I recover it?
Please visit the Innsida article on *user names and passwords*.

Why am I being rejected by the Blackboard system?
To be granted access to the Blackboard system you must have payed or been waived the semester fee and completed the semester registration. Please visit the Innsida article on the subject for further information.

Student IT solutions

Where may I find my semester card?
NTNU now uses a semester card app which is to be installed on a mobile device, please visit the Innsida article for more information. Please note that you will only need valid identification for your exams.

Where may I find my course schedule?
You will find your course schedule on the top of this page, or by visiting our *Innsida article on the subject*.


How do I connect to the wireless network (eduroam) at campus?
Your user name should be entered as "". For further information visit the Innsida article on Wireless network.

Why isn't the internet in my Sit dormitory working?
All inquiries regarding Internet through Sit should be directed to their supplier Get.


Where can I download software offered by NTNU?
You may download software from the NTNU software page, instructions can be found there as well.

What software are offered by NTNU?
You will find software offered by NTNU at the NTNU software page or the Innsida topic page for software.
Some faculties and institutes also offers additional scientific software to applicable students.

Are NTNU offering Microsoft Office or Windows to students?
Yes, students and employees at NTNU qualify for Microsoft Office. This can be downloaded from the NTNU software page. Microsoft Windows is currently only offered to students taking courses at the IE faculty. Please visit Gurutjenesten if this applies to you.


How can I print documents?
You will find instructions on how to print documents on the Innsida topic page for printing and copying.

Where is my closest printer?
Your nearest printer may be found via MazeMap. Find the building you are in and search for "Åpen tilgjengelig skriver" and you will see which printers are located nearby.


How can I get my student card for printing and door access?
Please visit the *Innsida topic page about student cards*.

How can I navigate on campus?
The best way to navigate on campus is to use *MazeMap*, either the web site or the mobile application.

Where can I find computer labs and study halls?
Computer labs and study halls available for everyone are listed on the *Innsida topic page*.


Where can I find NTNU email?
Please visit the Innsida topic page for email for more information.


Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties.