Travel advance

Travel advance can be given only in specific situations. All travel advances that you received have to be registered in travel expences form in HR-portalen

Norwegian - Reiseforskudd

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When is it possible to get a travel advance

A travel advance can be paid out in special cases, such as:

  • travel and conferences for which payments must be made far in advance
  • travel over extended travel periods - sabbatical
  • travel where NTNU will cover some part of the expenses
  • people who are not employed at NTNU
  • temporary staff who can`t get a creditcard from Eurocard

Application for travel advance - fill inn the form for your department

Travel advance is paid twice in month.

Register received travel advance in travel expences form

If you have received travel advance, you need to register it in travel expences form under the field //Mottatt reiseforskudd //(received travel advance), after your finished your travel.

NB! When fill inn the travel expences form don`t check out a field which is called forhåndsbetalt (paid in advance).

It is difference between travel advance and the travel that were paid in advance by NTNU (or others).

If you have questions contact us by 73 41 31 40, mon.-fri. between 10.00 - 14.00

Travel, courses and seminars paid in advance

If NTNU or others are paid for your travel, seminar, or course in advance (and you didn`t use your own money), then you need to check out the box in travel expences form which is called Forhåndsbetalt reise (a travel paid in advance).

Payment in advance for sabbatical

If you need payment in advance in connection with a sabbatical you must attach the letter confirming your sabbatical grant or an estimate of your expenses. You will then avoid having tax deducted from your payment.


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