Parental leave

How to apply for parental leave

Norsk versjon - Foreldrepermisjon

Parental leave at NTNU – step by step

  1. Inform your superior officer about your future parental leave
  2. Fill in the web form “parental leave” by following the link under
  3. If your leave is not 100% and continuous, you have to participate in a meeting with the Service Center and your manager
  4. If you are participating in a parental leave meeting, do not apply for parental benefits from NAV before the meeting
  5. Send a copy of every decision letter regarding parental benefits you receive to the Service Center
  6. Contact the Service Center if you have questions or need guidance

Register your parental leave

If your parental leave is 100% and continuous, you can choose whether you want to have a meeting with a case worker.

If your parental leave is not 100% and continuous, meeting with a case worker is mandatory.

Practical information about parental leave meetings:

  • The meetings are held over Teams
  • Bring your partner's Norwegian ID-number (11 digits)
  • Bring your bankID for filling in the application on

You have to register your parental leave, regardless of whether you are participating in a meeting with a case worker or not.

Register your parental leave at the latest 8 weeks before the beginning of your leave.

 Register your parental leave here!

(use your NTNU username and password to log on)

If there are complicating factors to your leave, to your employment, or if you are planning to stay abroad for the birth and/or during your leave, please write down a few sentences to help us prepare for the meeting.

Do you qualify for the parental benefit?

There are normally three requirements you need to satisfy in order to qualify for the parental benefit. Read more at NAV.

Unpaid parental leave for childcare

Parents are entitled to unpaid parental leave for childcare (, in Norwegian) for up to 3 years. If this period of leave has been used, the parents are entitled to up to one year of unpaid leave in connection with a new period of parental leave.

  • The time off granted must be used to care for the child.
  • You are not entitled to take the leave as part-time or for a shorter period than 6 months, unless your work allows it.
  • The right to unpaid leave of absence can be taken in connection with parental leave, and applies until the child turns 12.
  • As an employee, you have a duty to notify your employer (in Norwegian)about the leave of absence.
  • Unpaid leave is included in your period of service (in Norwegian). In addition, it is governed by the agreement on leave of absence.

Contact information

Do you have questions regarding parental leave? Contact the Service center.