Labour unions

Information about the labour unions and safety representatives at NTNU.

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Unions safeguard your interests and ensure that you have the right to participate in decision making in the workplace. Unions are of particular help in the following different areas:

  • Take care of members' interests in central and local wage settlements
  • Develop requirements for new labour agreements
  • Provide help during labour disputes and the like
  • Represent members in association with job appointments
  • Keep members informed on relevant wage and work questions

You must contact the relevant labour union yourself to register.

Unions found at NTNU

Overview of the labour unions at NTNU, sorted under the four main associations on the employee`s side.

AKAD - The Federation of Norwegian Professionals Associations

Read about this federation at

LO - Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions

Read about this confederation at

UNIO - The Confederation of Unions for Professionals

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YS - The Confederation of Vocational Unions

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These unions are affiliated with AKAD during negotiations.

Labour union deductions and tax liability

Trade union fees can be deducted directly from your salary. The agreement of deduction through the salary is made between the individual member and its trade union.

The Service Center for Payroll and HR, which administers the salary system at NTNU, receives notification from the labour union about new members. As an employee, you don't need to take any action. As soon as the Service Center receives notification from the labour union, we record the union deduction in the salary system.

If you don't have a deduction but pay union membership fees through an invoice, you must inform the Service Center along with documentation.

Union deductions and tax liability

Deduction for trade union fees are tax-free up to a certain amount each year. When the ceiling for tax exemption is reached, the deduction per month becomes taxable. This will affect your net salary, which usually takes place at the end of each year.

If you switch unions during the main collective agreement period

Everyone who is a member of a union is bound by their collective agreement for the two years of its validity. This means that if you switch unions during this period, you are bound by the collective agreement of the union you belonged to at the start of the main collective agreement period. You will immediately become a member of the new union, but your salary will be negotiated based on the collective agreement of the union you belonged to at the beginning of the main collective agreement period.

Joining a union

When you, as an nonunionized, become a member of a labour union, you are linked to the collective agreement of your union from the date you join. You are then registered with a union deduction and receive an annual salary/salary level based on the collective agreement to which you belong.

Safety representative

The safety representatives at NTNU`s job is to look after employee interests related to working environment issues.


The Basic Collective Agreement for the Civil Service (Hovedtariffavtalen i staten) and NTNU's adjustment agreement (in Norwegian) regulates the basis for cooperation for real participation and co-determination between the employer and the trade unions at NTNU.

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