Installing printers in Mac OS X

Print from your own Mac to an NTNU printer. Follow the steps below to install printers.

Norwegian version - Installere NTNU-skriver i Mac OSX

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Installing NTNU printers in Mac OSX


The following procedure is usually only necessary once.

  1. Open in a web browser.
  2. Click Install printer.
  3. Select operating system OSX/macOS.
  4. Click Download Package.
  5. Open the downloaded folder myPrintInstaller_OSX.
  6. Run the installer called myPrint Mac OS printer installer.pkg
  7. Follow the wizard which takes you through the installation.
  8. The new print queue named NTNU-Print has now been added to your Mac. The first time you print to the queue, you will be required to enter a username and password.
    • Your username needs to be entered in the format:
    • Remember to select Remember this password in my keychain

Printing in color

As a cost saving measure the printer is set to print in black and white by default. Do the following to print in color:

  1. Click Print and select the printer named NTNU-Print
  2. Select Printer features
  3. Set Color mode: Color

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