Installing printers in Linux

How to print using NTNU-printers with Ubuntu Linux

Norwegian version - Installere NTNU-skriver i Linux

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Note; This guide is written for Ubuntu Linux, but may also be used as a base for other distroes.


The following procedure is usually only necessary once.

Open in a webbrowser.

Click the Install printer button.

Click Download package.

Unpack the driver package

Open the folder myPrintIstaller_LINUX it the terminal, right click the folder - Open in Terminal

Run the command bash ./

When the installation is done you will get the following message Finished installing printer

The new printque is named NTNU-Print and has been added to your computer.

When printing to the que username and password is required to authenticate.
Due to an error not all Linux systems will remember this information, and you may have to type in username and password several times.

Open Settings - Printers

Click the printjob

Click Authenticate

Type in NTNU-username and password


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