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This page is intended for employees at NTNU, and covers frequently asked questions about exercise and physical activity during work hours.

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Exercise for employees

For more information about training, discounts at training studios, company sports teams and similar, see the main page on exercise and physical activities for employees.

Frequently asked questions about exercising during work hours

Can I save up hours?

Answer: No. The hour you are allowed each week can only be used during the applicable week. You may not save up hours.

I'm walking or riding bike to/from work every dag. Can I use the exercise time?

Answer: No, excersise time can not be used on transport to/from work.

How do I register exercise during work hours?

If you register work hours, you will find "Exercise during work hours" as an alternative in the field for registering attendance in the Self-service portal.

Do I have to exercise during work hours? Is it obligatory?

Answer: No. Working out is voluntary. The system will be evaluated towards the end of 2014.

Can I exercise by myself?

Answer: As a rule, your exercise should consist of an activity with others, but it’s possible to train on your own. Talk for the closest leader at your unit.

My unit already does workplace stretches - is this the same as exercise?

Answer: No. The opportunity to work out during work hours is NOT the same as performing workplace stretches. A unit can have both workplace stretching AND exercise during work hours. Workplace stretches are a separate offer to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the neck, shoulder and arms due to repetitive work (computer and lab work, cleaning, etc.).

Can I participate in both group training sessions and workplace stretching?

Answer: Yes.

Can I divide up my exercise time, for example into two walks of 30 minutes during one week?

Answer: Yes. As long as you contain yourself to one hour total, this is fine. Clear this with your nearest leader.

Do I have to join SiT or pay to participate in the group training sessions?

Answer: No. The training is free for NTNU employees.

I don’t have very much experience with exercising, but I would like to start. Can I participate in the group training sessions, even though I’m not it very good shape?

Yes! Both the strength and spinning classes are set up so that you can decide how hard they will be. As such, the classes are challenging for people in good shape and people who haven’t trained as much. You only compete with yourself!

Contact information

Questions about training and physical activity as NTNU should be directed to the HSE division via Tina Hagen.

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