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Fitness initiatives for employees in Trondheim

Fitness classes are available for all employees at NTNU in Trondheim. The page contains information on when, where and a description of the classes.

Norsk versjon - Felles treningstimer for ansatte ved NTNU i Trondheim

Topic page on training for employees | FAQ on training during work hours

Free classes for employees

  • The classes are free for all employees at NTNU
  • These classes have been created with help from SiT, but a SiT membership is not required for attending
  • Employees may not use strength rooms other exercise facilities after the employee hours have ended
  • The current program is valid to 1st May 2022

Dragvoll sports centre

Strong employees (Stærke ansatte): Thursday 14:15-15:00, aerobicsalen. Fitness instructor Nina Helene Aas Røkkum.

Gløshaugen Idrettsbygg

Strong employees (Stærke ansatte): Monday 14:15-15:00, hall 4. Fitness instructor Nina Helene Aas Røkkum.

Styrketimen: Thursday, 14:15-15:00, hall 4. Fitness instructor Ragnhild Røsbjørgen.

Description of classes


A strength session with music. The training starts with joint warm-up with simple movements, followed by a strength part with exercises that challenge core muscles and large muscle groups. Everyone performs the same exercise, but with a load adapted to the individual. The class ends with light stretching.

Stærke ansatte

This class involves circuit strength training that challenges your core muscles, strength and condition. 5 working periods à 5 min. Each station has 2–3 exercises that challenge different groups of muscles. The exercises are performed one after the other without pause, and with a difficulty that is adapted to your physical shape.

Wear good shoes. Remember to bring a bottle of water.


  • You do not have to sign up for these classes - just show up!
  • Bring your personal work-ID and show in the reception when you arrive

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