On this website you will find the information you need to take part in the elections of staff members to the University Board.

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Elections in spring 2024

Elections of temporary academic staff representatives to the University, Faculty, and Department Boards take place this spring. The University Board election will be conducted after Easter, with elections to the Faculty and Department Boards following in May and June.

  • The register of voters is generated on 20 February. Deadline for complaints: 6 March.
  • Important dates for the University Board elections:
    • elections announced on 21 February
    • propose candidates at the latest on 13 March
    • elections 8 through 10 April

Register of voters for the spring elections - deadline for complaints 6 March

The register of voters is generated on 20 February. Log on to valgweb and check that you are correctly listed in the register of voters (voter category and Department). You should be listed in the register of voters if you have at least a 50 % position by 20 February 2024. 6 March is the deadline for complaints. After that, no corrections in the register of voters will be made.

Election results after the NTNU Board elections 8 -10 April

Grace Katharine Forster (MH) is elected a new board member for temporary academic staff (1 August 2024 - 31 July 2025).
Kim Rainer Mattson (IV) is elected deputy member of the board.

371 of the 2598 temporary academic staff members, voted in the elections (14,28 % participation). The candidates obtained the following number of weighted votes:
- Grave Katharine Forster (MH) (122,33)
- Kim Rainer Mattson (IV) (110)
- Jakob Bonnevie Cyvin (SU) (93,67)
- Anita Solem (NV) (79,67)
- Runar Mellerud (IE) (54,33)

Propose candidates for the NTNU Board no later than 13 March

The Board decides matters of significance to the strategic development of the university, adopts the accounts and budget, and shall oversee that the university's activities are conducted within the legal framework and guidelines given by the Parliament and the Ministry. As a member of the Board, you can make a difference and have a real influence on the strategic development of NTNU.

Do you know someone who could do a good job on the NTNU Board? You may influence NTNU politics by voting and proposing candidates. Note that it is the voters who must propose the candidates, but ask if they are willing to do so first.

We need candidates of both genders and from all parts of the university. Candidates must have at least a 50 % position at NTNU which covers the elected term from 1 August 2024 till 31 July 2025. However, a work contract till 30 June 2025 will suffice for temporary academic staff members who serve one-year terms. The working language of the Board is Norwegian. Candidates must be able to read case documents of more than a hundred pages and understand the discussions in Norwegian. Currently one of the external members is Danish. It is possible to take the floor in English. Candidates must at the time of proposal master Norwegian or Danish/Swedish at an advanced level equivalent to the level required for a permanent academic position or admission to education programmes conducted in Norwegian. The candidates may be requested to document their language proficiency. For instance, the candidate has passed level 3 (B2/C1) in the Norwegian language courses for academic staff at NTNU or obtained an A on the level 2 exam (B1/B2). Attestation from the Department may be an alternative for international staff who have obtained advanced Norwegian language comprehension in other ways.

The Board usually meets 7 times a year and has seminars in August and January. The members are compensated for the work (74 000 NOK/year + 8600 NOK per half-day meeting and 12 300 NOK per full-day meeting. Travel costs are remunerated. Deputy members get compensation per meeting attended.) Temporary academic staff may convert the compensation to salary for 2 - 3 extra months. PhD fellows are entitled to prolongation of their employment contract without salary for the time spent on Board duties.

Proposals must be signed by three staff members from the same group of voters. Candidates should be asked if they are willing to stand for elections. Proposals should be sent to on Wednesday 13 March at the latest.

Please use this template to propose candidates (docx). If it is difficult to obtain signatures, remember to copy the proposers when the candidate proposal is sent by email.

Background information

Composition of the NTNU Board

The Board is composed of 11 representatives, 7 of which are internal and thus elected by employees and students. Deputy board members are also elected. Students or temporary academic staff serve for a term of one year, while other representatives serve for four years.

  • Academic employees (3 members + 3 deputies)
  • Temporary academic staff (1 member + 1 deputy)
  • Technical and administrative staff (1 member + 1 deputy)
  • Students (2 members + 2 deputies)

The term of the Board is from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2025. Information about the NTNU Board, including links to summons and protocols from previous meetings (mainly in Norwegian).

Election regulations

Elections for the NTNU board and faculty boards are governed by NTNU's election regulations (English translation). The authoritative version in Norwegian is available here.

If you have questions, the election secretariat will be pleased to answer:

Election Board

The Election Board ensures that elections are conducted according to the Regulations for Elections at NTNU adopted by the Board.

  • Bjørn Haugstad (chair)
  • Synøve Halstadtrø Mørseth
  • Tord Mjøsund Talmo
  • Sturla Søpstad

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee encourages candidates to step forward to enable a genuine election and presents the candidates on equal terms to the voters.

  • Eirin Marie Skjøndal Bar (chair)
  • Anniken Susanne T. Karlsen
  • Elise Farstad Djupedal
  • Anne Kristin Kvitle
  • Morten Mørch
  • Espen Sletvold
  • Asta Skirbekk

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