Elections at IE

Information on elections at the IE Faculty. Norsk side om valg ved IE.

Elections in spring 2023

Important dates for the Faculty Board election:

  • 13. April : Announcement of election at Innsida
  • 04. May: Nomination deadline
  • 08. May : Presentation of candidates
  • 22.-23-May : Election
  • 01. June : Presentation of election results

For the Faculty Board, we are electing:

One representative from the category of temporary academic staff + one deputy

Register of voters for the spring elections

The register of voters is generated 20th of February. Log into valgweb and check that you are correctly listed in the register of voters (voter category and Department). You should be listed in the register of voters if you have at least a 50 % position by the 20th of February 2021. The 5th of March is the deadline for complaints. After that, no corrections in the register of voters will be made.

Background information

*Information regarding the candidates*

Composition of the Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is composed of 11 representatives, 5 of which are internal and thus elected by employees. Deputy board members are also elected. Temporary academic staff serve for a term of one year, while other representatives serve for four years.

  • 4 external representatives included chairman of the Faculty board + 4 deputies
  • 3 representatives from permanent academic staff + 3 deputies
  • 1 representative from temporary academic staff + 1 deputy
  • 1 representative from technical and administrative staff + 1 deputy
  • 2 student representatives + 2 deputies

The term of the Faculty Board is from 1st of August 2021 to 31st of July 2025. Information about the Faculty Board, including links to summons and protocols from previous meetings (mainly in Norwegian).

Nominating committee