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In this user guide, you will get information on how to create single groups and group sets in your course in Blackboard.

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Single groups and group sets

In Blackboard, you can choose to create single groups and group sets:

  • Single groups: The instructor creates and edits the groups separately. Students can be members of several single groups.
  • Group sets: The instructor creates and edits all the groups in the set at the same time, and can also edit the groups separately. Students can only be member of one of the groups in the group set.

Every group and group set has its own page in the course where you as an instructor can choose to activate group tools that students can use to collaborate. Only instructors and the group members have access to the group and the group tools.If you want to read more about group tools, see this user guide: Groups and tools for group work

Methods of group enrollment

You can add students to groups in three different ways:

  • Self-enroll: Allow students to join groups themselves by using a sign-up sheet. Self-enrollment is available for both single groups and group sets.
  • Manual enroll: Allow you to assign each student in your course to a group. Manual enrollment is available for both single groups and group sets.
  • Random enroll: With random enrollment, the students are divided into groups based on the settings you have set for the group. Random enrollment is only available for group sets.

Create groups

  1. To create groups, go to Users and groups (1) in the course management menu and click on Groups (2).

    Shows the course management menu. Click first on users and groups, then click on groups
  2. Click Create (1) and choose whether you want to create a single group or a group set. Also choose what kind of enrollment method you want to use.

    Shows the group page with an arrow pointing at the create button, which show the options you can choose when creating a group
  3. You will now come to a page where you can fill inn information about the group or groups you want to create. Enter Name (1) and optionally a description (2) of the group. Choose if you want to make the group visible to your students (3). This is recommended. If you have chosen to create a group with self-enrollment, you can also choose to only make the sign-up sheet visible to your students.

    Shows group information where you enter a name of the group or groups, write a description and choose whether you want to make the group visible to the students
  4. Under Tool Availability, you can choose the group tools you want to be available to the group members of the group. To read more about the various group tools, see the user guide Groups and tools for group work.

    Shows the group tools you can activate in your group
  5. If you want to grade student submissions by using blogs, wikis or journals, clik on Grade (1) below the relevant tool and type 1 in possible points to grade it approved/not approved. You also have the option to add rubrics by clicking on Add rubric (2).

    Shows tool availability with grading activated for blogs. It also shows where you enter the 1 to grade approved/not approved and where to click to add rubric
  6. Under Module Personalization Settings, you can give students permission to personalize the group area. It is recommended that you remove this option.

    Shows the module personalization setting where you can allow personalization for the group
  7. Depending on the type of enrollment you have selected, you must do the following:
    • Self-enroll: Under sign-up options, enter a Name (1) for the sign-up sheet and optionally write an instruction for enrollment (2). Enter the maximum number of members (3) who can join the group. You can choose to make signed-up members visible to other users by ticking off Show members (4). Finally, you can choose to give students permission to sign up from the groups listing page (5). This process is identical for single groups and group sets.

      Shows the sign-up options when using self-ennrollment. Enter a name, a description, maximum members and choose whether members are so be visible to other users
    • Manual enroll: The process for single groups and group sets are somewhat different.
      Single group: Under membership, click on Add users (1).

      Shows membership options. Click add members to add members to the group

      In the page you come to, tick off (1) for the students you wish to add to the group. Click Submit (2).

      Picture shows a list of students in the course. To add students to the group tick off the box in front of their names. Then click submit

      Group set: Under Group Set Options enter the Number of groups you wish to create. Then click Submit (2).

      Shows group set options. Write the number of groups you wish to create in the box behind number of groups. Click send at the bottom of the page

      On the next page, you can add users for each of the groups by clicking on Add users (1).

      Shows group set enrollments. Under the group you wish to add members, click on add users
    • Random enroll: Applies only for group sets. Under Membership, enter Number of Students per Group (1) and/or Number of groups (2) you wish to create. Choose an option (3) to determine how you enroll any remaining members. Then click Submit (4).

      Shows membership with arrows pointing at number of students per group and number of groups as well as determine how to enroll remaining members. Click submit when you have chosen
  8. You can choose to create Smart Views for the group or the groups you are creating. Smart View can be used to organize the Grade Center better, in addition to giving you the option to filtrate the Grade Center based on group enrollment. To activate Smart View, tick off Create smart view for this group (1) under Group Options. For group sets you will find this option under Group Set Options. Read more about Smart View on Blackboards help page: Smart Views.

    Shows group options with an arrow pointing at create smart view for this group
  9. When you are ready to create the single group or the group set, click Submit. The group or groups you have created will now appear on the Group-page.

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