Writing course reports

The course coordinator writes a report to evaluate the course after each completion, as part of NTNU's education quality system. On this page, you will find information about how to write the report.

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Evaluate the course and submit the course report

NTNU's digital tool, KASPER, is used when evaluating all courses. In KASPER you can:

  • Create digital reference groups for your courses, or register the use other student evaluation methods
  • Evaluate your courses, assisted by guiding templates
  • Upload qualitative and quantitative data used in the evaluation
  • Create a follow-up plan with your notes and suggested measures for improvement

You may log onto KASPER using this link to the landing page, or the link found under "for employees" at Innsida.

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NB: Although all our learning resources have English translations, KASPER itself is only in Norwegian.

Report deadlines:
1 September: Course reports from the spring semester
15 February: Course reports from the autumn semester
Your faculty may have their own deadlines that are shorter than these final ones

See also the timeline for the education quality processes (pdf, in Norwegian)

How to write the course report

Below you will find some guiding remarks that may help get you started with your course evaluation. Additional guidance is also included in the course report module in KASPER.

The course coordinator's assessment of the course quality

Topics for the course coordinator's own assessment may include:

  • Learning outcomes: Are they up to date and relevant? Have they been clearly communicated to the students? Is there consistency and coherence between the learning outcomes for the course and parallel and previous courses?
  • Teaching and learning activities: How do they help students to achieve the learning outcomes for the course? Are the types of learning activities, and their level and progression appropriate? How are the students' own efforts and motivation? What is the learning environment like?
  • Form of assessment: Is this consistent with the learning outcomes and with the teaching and learning activities, so that the students are tested in an appropriate way that contributes to their learning?

The knowledge base for the course evaluation

Your assessment of the quality of the course should be based on the data you have collected. Relevant data sources may include:

See also: Tools and resources - education quality

Following up previous evaluations

The improvement measures you create as tasks ("tiltak") in KASPER, become part of the action plan for the course. These follow the course report's action plan from semester to semester, until they are registered as completed. The course coordinator is responsible for keeping track of and implementing these measures.

The Head of department may comment on the tasks registered in the action plan, and makes decisions regarding resources and personnel when necessary.

Share the course report

Course reports and reference group reports are published in Studiekvalitetsportalen and available for anyone to read. The students have direct access to Studiekvalitetsportalen through their courses in Blackboard. Reports written earlier than 2020 are still available in Doq.

Consider sending the students a message in Blackboard when the course report is published, summarizing the action plan and letting them know where they may find the full report.

Public assessment

All faculties have an assessment committee for reference group reports and other student documentation. The course coordinator must assess whether the course report, or any of its appendices, contains sensitive information that should not be made public. If so, the course coordinator sends the report to the faculty's assessment committee for review. The assessment committee consists of at least one member holding the following roles:

  1. Education leader (head of department, head of study programme)
  2. Course coordinator
  3. Administrative employee
  4. Student representative

If the committee finds that the report is not publishable due to form or contents, the material is returned to the course coordinator and/or the reference group, along with a statement from the committee. If a reference group report is deemed unsuited for publishing, the reference group may choose to submit a revised report, or they may choose to have the sensitive details deleted before the report is published..

See also: KASPER - Publish reference group report

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