Universal design of web content

Employees who work with NTNU's webpages should create content with the thought that a wide variety of users will be accessing the information in mind.

Norsk versjon - Universell utforming av innhold på nett

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Use tables for what tables are meant for: tabular data and not graphical design. Tables should be made so that the information is read from left to right.

  • Mark the table's title with a <caption> tag .
  • A table summary is made with a <table summary> tag.
  • Mark title cells in code with <th> and information cells with <td>. This makes is easier to jump from heading to heading in the table.

Alt tags

All images should have good alt tags. If the image doesn't contain important information, you can create an empty alt tag by writing to quotation marks “” in the alt tag field.


All titles should be set with H1, H2, H3 and so on. This makes it easier for users to skim the content. On external webpages and the internet, you should always start with H2. H1 is automatically set as the first level (NTNU) in the publication tool.

Link names

Write good link names: Don't write “Read more”. Screen readers for the visually impaired list links. A list of links called “Read more” would then appear to the user without describing what is contained in each link. It's better to use keywords such as “Study programs at NTNU”. Ikke skriv kun "Les mer". Writing good link names (Norwegian only link)

Images, videos and sound clips

In publication of multimedia content such as images, videos and sound clips, the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi)'s standards apply. The standards for universal design are described on Difi's website(Currently Norwegian only)

Also see the advice pages onpublishing images online and publishing videos and sound clips online.

NTNU's guidelines for universal design of ICT

If you are going to buy, develop or work with information and communication technology (ICT) at NTNU, you must make sure that the product or publication is universally designed. NTNU's ICT solutions are used by all, with or without disabilities.

NTNU's guidelines for universal design of digital learning resources.

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