Universal Design of PDFs

Norsk versjon: Universell utforming av PDF

PDF is a file that is displayed on the screen in the same way as if it had been printed. It is a form of digital paper.

For a PDF to be universally designed it must have the right tags. The tags tell available services how to read the file.

There are many services that create PDFs. Many of the free versions available online do not set up the tags correctly making the resulting PDF inaccessible and not universally designed. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Pro for the most universally designed results. In Office 365 programs such as Word and PowerPoint you can automatically convert documents or presentations to Adobe PDF. Everyone at NTNU has access to Adobe products and you can read how to download Adobe products here.

Create PDFs in Office 365

To create a file as a PDF in Word, PowerPoint or other Office 365 programs, you can first click on "File" and then choose to "Create as Adobe PDF". Then the file is saved as a PDF with the correct tags.

how to save a document as a PDF. Click file tab. 

PDFs that get low scores in Ally

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