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Teach in rooms with technology for online teaching via USB

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In these rooms, you can connect to the room's camera as a webcam and the room's microphones as audio devices. To locate these devices, you need to connect the USB cable provided on the podium. This will enable you to use the room's camera and microphones as camera and audio devices in programs like Teams, Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, and more.

Visit the service description for instructions on setting up camera and microphone via USB in teaching rooms

We recommend that the technology in these rooms be primarily used for recording lectures. While it's possible to use it for video calls, such as in Zoom, Teams, etc., this is not recommended. Groups of students on the remote end can easily become disconnected and have minimal interaction possibilities in this setup, resulting in limited value from participating in a lecture via a video call. You can record lectures, use the equipment in a video call, or for video teaching using appropriate software. On this page, we'll guide you through what you as an instructor need to consider when teaching from such a room.

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== What Do I Need to Do?
How do I start using the room?
What can I do in the room? – Possibilities


In Panopto rooms, you can record your lecture. These rooms are suitable for longer recordings when you don't want to use a webcam and office equipment. Recordings can be part of a flipped teaching approach.

Learn more about flipped teaching here

Learn more about how to edit and share a Panopto recording

If you're recording your lecture, you're obliged to follow requirements and regulations related to the handling of personal data. Learn more about this here.

On-Campus Teaching

Rooms with Panopto can also be used as regular teaching rooms – you don't need to use Panopto for the room to function. If all students can be present on campus, you can teach them as you would in a regular classroom.

Live Teaching

You can record your lecture live to your students. In this case, it's best if all students follow the lesson online while you're alone in the Panopto room giving the lecture. This will create a virtual session where you're in the teaching room while students are at home. This ensures a consistent experience for all students.

Note: Delivering teaching directly via Panopto has its challenges. There will be a 30-second delay in the broadcast to viewers. This is a system limitation and cannot be changed. This delay makes interacting with students quite difficult. However, setting up a third-party chat solution is a possibility, allowing interaction with students and providing them with an opportunity to ask questions on the topics.

Learn more about fostering interaction in online sessions and recommended practices for online sessions.

What Should I Avoid Doing in the Room? – Limitations

Hybrid Teaching

The hybrid variant of online teaching occurs when some students are in the classroom while others follow the lesson online. This practice doesn't work well in rooms with Panopto. Using Panopto introduces a 30-second delay in the broadcast, making it practically impossible to provide remote students with the same level of participation and quality as those physically present. Hybrid teaching functions well in rooms with Zoom Rooms.

Learn more about hybrid teaching


For assistance, get in touch with the Section for teaching and learning support (SLS) via NTNU Help.