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Teach in rooms with Zoom Rooms

CA room with Zoom Rooms means that the classroom is equipped with Zoom technology which allows participants to participate in online teaching with Zoom. In addition to the Zoom Rooms technology the room has PC and AV presentation equipment. On this page, we go through what you as a teacher must relate to if you are to teach from such a room.

Norwegian version: Undervise i rom med Zoom Rooms

Zoom video lectures

Teach in rooms with Panopto

Teach in rooms without technology for online teaching

What do I have to do?

You can get started by reading articles about Zoom here on Innsida. Then you need to do the following steps to get the service ready for use:

  1. Sign up for Zoom
  2. Download the Zoom client to your PC. Some functions are only enabled by running it while using a room with Zoom Rooms.

You can read more about Zoom Rooms technology here:

How do I use the room?

Zoom Rooms is a fuction that works with the streaming service Zoom. When Zoom Rooms is set up in a room and turned on the room becomes a participant of a Zoom meeting. Zoom Rooms are set up so that the projector screens are automatically down and the presenters screen is shared both to participants in the room and online in Zoom. You are not able to use whiteboards or chalkboards while teaching with Zoom Rooms in progress.

We have made short videos on some specific functions that are special to NTNU.

Courses in Zoom

Recording in the room

  1. Book the room in the timetable booking system TP
  2. Note that there are restrictions and tighter rules in regards digital privacy when using Zoom Rooms due to the higher change that students will be recorded. Read our guidelines for digital privacy (Norwegian) for more information.
  3. Start the session (meeting) in Zoom on a computer with the Zoom app installed (This can be found at the Software Center). Make sure your microphone and speaker are muted to avoid feedback on audio.
  4. Add the room with Zoom Rooms into the meeting. You will find the ID on the display on the podium in the room. You can also find the room in Zoom’s address book.
  5. When the Zoom Rooms is added as a participant, go to the participant list and make the room a “host” by right-clinking on the room.
  6. The record button will now with available on the touch screen on the podium and you can start recording. The recording is processed a few minutes after the meeting is over. Completed recordings can be found in your My Folder in Panopto, NTNU’s video storage service.
  7. When the record button has appeared on the podium in the room, you can exit the meeting on the Zoom app on your computer. Note that the Zoom app can still be used during the teaching session to participate in the chat and manage break-out rooms etc.

What can I do in the room? - Possibilities

Stream teaching

You can stream live lessons to your students, unlike hybrid lessons here, all the students stay at home while you stand alone in the Zoom room and lecture. This is like an online session just that you are on campus while the students are at home.

Read more about how to promote interaction and collaboration in online sessions and about recommended practice for online sessions.

Campus teaching

Rooms with Zoom Rooms can be used as ordinary teaching rooms as well - you do not need to use Zoom Rooms for the room to work for this purpose. If all the students can be present on campus, you can teach in the usual way.


In rooms with Zoom Rooms it is possible to record your lecture. The rooms are suitable for recording if you want to record and don’t have a webcam or office equipment for that. The recordings can be part of a flipped classroom session.

Read more about flipped classroom here

Hybrid teaching

Hybrid teaching is when some students are in the classroom and some students are at home. Hybrid teaching is challenging, as it’s hard to give all students an equal experience when some are in the classroom and some are at home.

Read the guide on hybrid teaching in real time for further explanation and tips.

What can't I do in the room? - Limitations

Use the whiteboard

Using a whiteboard is not recommended while using Zoom Rooms. In Zoom Rooms the computer screen is projected onto a screen in the room. One option is therefore to use a document camera with the screen.

Who can help me?

Pedagogical and technological best practice

Contact Section for Teaching and Learning Support for help through NTNU Help.

There are many webinars on offer to help you learning how to use many of the technologies and programs in use at NTNU. Check out the Course Catalog to see what's on.

Technical user support

Please contact Orakel Support Services for technical, in room user support.
Call (735) 91 500, or use the phone number which will be placed on the lectern.