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Teach in rooms without technology for online teaching

Teaching in rooms without technology for online teaching can despite of its limitation provide you with good opportunities for interactive teaching. Once you have been allocated a room, you will also find out how many students you can have in the room at one time. With this as a starting point, you can plan your teaching.

Norsk versjon: Undervise i rom som ikke er tilrettelagt for nettundervisning

Teach in room with Panopto
Teach in rooms with Zoom Rooms

What can I do in the room? - Possibilities

We recommend as far as possible that you run student-active learning activities while on campus. Here are some resources that can provide ideas and inspiration for student-active learning methods:

Team-based learning\\Flipped Classroom

What can you do if the room is too small?

Do you have more students than the capacity of the room allows? Then we recommend switching to flipped classroom teaching.

Read more about flipped classroom teaching here.

  • Make short videos that students can watch on their own
  • Use time on campus for student activities, group work, etc.
  • Facilitate asynchronous teaching, so that students can work individually or in groups
  • You can also utilise online teaching

Read more about Online teaching:

Who can help me?

The Section for teaching, learning and digital services has several pages about teaching methods. Contact us through NTNU Help if you have any specific questions.

You can also join the Lærende Fellesskap (learning community) if you want to exchange ideas with other teachers who are facing similar challenges.