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In Panopto you can create recordings direct from your computer, record lectures in certain classrooms, and upload recordings through an integrated playback platform. Panopto is integrated in Blackboard, and recordings ca be published to students simply and effortlessly.

On this page you can find an overview over what possibilities exist in Panopto, how to get started with Panopto, and some of the most used available functions. If you have not used Panopto before, the button below will take you directly to NTNU's Panopto home page, where you also can download the desktop application Panopto for Windows/Mac, or get straight to work with Panopto Capture, the browser version (More about these under "Recording"). Choose "Sign in" in the upper right corner, and logg in with NTU FEIDE to make a user.

 To Panopto

Getting started with Panopto

Here you can find user guides for the most common functions and uses of Panopto. Most of these manuals are Panopto's own resourses, which are exclusively available in english. If what you need help with is not listed here, Panopto might still have a user guide on their support page.


Listed here you can find the most common functions and uses related to making recordings in Panopto.

  • Here you'll find a short introduction to making content with Panopto. Included are instructions on how to easily get access to both Panopto for Windows/Mac and Panopto Capture from the home page.
  • Here you can find information on how to use the browser version of Panopto, Panopto Capture, which is supported for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Be aware that it is per today not supported for iOS, and Safari has a separate version.
  • Panopto also has a desktop application that can be downloaded, Panopto for Windows/Mac, which is available for Windows and Mac. If you have an NTNU-adminsitrated PC, you can also download Panopto for Windows/Mac from the NTNU Software Center.
  • Here you can find instructions about how to order recordings of lectures in auditoriums. Note that this can only be done in specific rooms which have to be booked.
  • It is also possible to use your mobile or tablet to make screen recordings, the procedure is explained in this video. The recording can then be uploaded to Panopto through this web link:
  • If desired, Panopto can also be used to make a podcast.


When the recordings have been made, they can be edited irectly in Panopto. The most used functions are listed here, but there are more options available on Panopto's support pages.

  • You can easily trim recordings in Panopto to for example remove pauses.
  • Panopto has good tools for inserting automatic captions.
  • Should the automated captions contain errors, it is also possible to edit captions.
  • If needed, it is also possible to add manual captions in Panopto.
  • It is also possible to insert a quiz in the recording, which can be used to for instance let students answer control questions before proceeding with the recording.


When the recordings are ready for publication, you have to choose how to publish them. One option is using Blackboard, which features several integrated solutions for Panopto. You can read more about these here. You can also generate a sharing link which you can distribute, both for sharing a single video or an entire folder.

You can also import existing sound- and video files to Panopto for publishing. The system supports most file types, and will automatically convert the files to the format best suited for online use. The maximum resolution is set to 1080p (Full HD), and the system supports uploads of 4K video - but will convert them to HD. This can be done using the "Create"-button (See "Recording" in the section further up).


When it comes to recording of lectures, it is important to be aware of rules regarding privacy in online teaching and GDPR (currently only in Norwegian).

Help and support

Contact the Section for Teaching and Learning Support (SLS) for pedagogical support with Panopto. Contact us through NTNU Help.

This page is maintained by the Section for Teaching and Learning Support.

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