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Panopto integrated in Blackboard

Here you can find information about the various integrated solutions for Panopto in Blackboard.

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Panopto integrated in Blackboard

Course rooms in Blackboard have multiple integrated Panopto solutions. With thesem you may publish videos from any folder you have access to, including the course's own Panopto folder, directly to Blackboard

Panopto Video Embed

With Panopto Video Embed you can publish a single video directly in a content area in Blackboard. Students can view this video directly in Blackboard without going to an external domain.

The picture shows the menu for building content in a content area in a Blackboard course room. In the upper middle part of the picture the "Build Content"-button is displayed, and "Panopto Video Embed" is pointed at in the lower right corner.
First, navigate to the content area you wish to publish the video/recording, and click on Build Content (1). Then, select Panopto Video Embed (2).

The user interface for Panopto Video Embed is displayed, and the folder menu in the upper middle part of the picture is pointed at. Under this the available recordings in the selected folder are listed, with the option of checking them off to the left of each recording. In the lower right corner the "Insert Video"-button is pointed at.
Now you can choose the recording you wish to publish. By default, the recordings in the course folder are displayed, but you can browse through other files by accessing the folder menu (3). when you have selected the correct folder, check off the desired recording (4) and click Insert Video (5).

Panopto Video Link works much in the same way as Video Embed, but rather than publish a video directly, a link is published that leads to the video.

The picture shows the menu for adding tools in a content area in a Blackboard course room. The "Tools"-button is in the upper right corner, and by clicking on it a drop-down menu appears  under it that includes the "Panopto Video Link".
Again, navigate to the content area you wish to publish the link. Then proceed to Tools (1) and choose Panopto Video Link (2).

Displayed is the user interface for adding a Panopto Video Link. The folder menu is in the top of the interface, and the recording is chosen from the menu directly underneath it. Under this again is a text field where one can write a display name for the chosen recording, followed by another text field to write a brief description.
Then choose the file the recording is stored in (3) and then the recording itself (4). You can also give the content a more appropriate title (5) if needed and provide a short description (6) of the video. Remember that the title and description are the only information displayed to the students about the recording prior to clicking on it, so make sure they're descriptive. When you are done, click Submit (7).

You can also publish a Panopto Tool Link, where you can find and view all folders you have access to, and the videos in them. Note that students here only have access to the course room's internal Panopto folder. Recordings that are saved to other folders, students can't access through the Tool Link and they will have to be published with one of the other methods described here.

The "Plus"-button can be found in the top middle of the left-hand menu in Blackboard. When clicked, a drop-down menu appears underneath it, where the alternative "Tool Link" is the fourth option from the top, about in the middle of the menu.
At the top of the left-hand menu in Blackboard course rooms there is a plus-shaped button (1). This opens a drop-down menu, in this menu, click on Tool Link (2).

Shown here is the interfce for adding tool links. From top to bottom, it contains a text field to give the link a name, a drop-down menu where the tool is chosen, a "check off"-field to make the tool visible for users, and finally, to the left, the choice to click "Submit" or "Cancel".
Now you have to give the link a name (3) - presumably something appropriate like "Panopto", and choose Panopto Course Tool Application (4). In order for the students to use the link, check Available for users (5), after which you can click on Submit (6).

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Contact the Section for Teaching and Learning Support for pedagogical support with Panopto-content in Blackboard. Contact us through NTNU hjelp.

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