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Privacy in online teaching

How to ensure privacy in online education.

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Norsk versjon: Personvern i nettbasert undervisning

Recording of online teaching

Recording teaching gives students the opportunity to repeat the subject matter and makes the teaching more accessible. If you record your teaching, you must follow the privacy rules. Especially if the recording includes student activity.

Streaming of online teaching

Real-time streaming is not considered recording. Here it is voluntary for students if they want to participate with the use of image and sound, and this can be controlled by the student. You do not need to obtain consent from the students as this is defined as public interest. Legal basis: Act of universities and university colleges § 4-15 art. 6 (1) no. E.

Recording - with or without students

If you are to save and keep recorded videos of online teaching, you are responsible for ensuring that the regulations on privacy are followed.

Use of recordings

If you are going to make a recording, the participants must be informed. You also have to inform them about what the recording will be used for in advance of the recording. The recording must not be used for anything other than what you have already stated to the participants. You may not record for any purpose other than NTNU's activities.

If you subsequently wish to use the recording for other things than first stated, it must be considered whether there are grounds to change the purpose. For help in assessing it, send an inquiry to NTUN Help.

Processing of personal data in teaching purposes (Norwegian only).


If you have questions about privacy in online teaching, contact us on NTNU Hjelp.

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