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Privacy when recording online teaching sessions with only the lecturer present

When recording online teaching, there are several privacy requirements that need to be adhered to.

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Recordings featuring only the teacher 

If you as a lecturer choose to record yourself in one of NTNU's approved video recording systems, NTNU has responsibility for processing your personal information. NTNU processes this personal data and the recording in accordance with your employment contract and the employer's right to control (external link, only in Norwegian). There may also be grounds for using your data in other ways, assessed on the balance of interests and always in accordance with our statutory responsibility under GDPR regulations (external link, only in Norwegian).

The videos you produce are stored on NTNU's own servers or on servers in the EU with providers with whom NTNU has a data processor agreement. The videos will be deleted as soon as the purpose is fulfilled. The access to the video will depend on the sharing settings you have set.

Publish in approved systems 

If you are going to record online teaching, you must use a recording system which NTNU has support for and a data processor agreement with. You need to know on which system the recordings are stored and who has access to them.

Online teaching - approved systems.


If you have questions about privacy in online teaching contact NTNU Help.