Senior days

Beginning when you turn 62, you have a right to 8 extra holiday days with pay.

Norsk versjon - Seniordager

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You find the application form for senior day withdrawals in the Self-service portal, under the tile "Absence applications". Choose absence type "Time off, senior".

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Part-time employees

The number of senior days is pro-rated if you hold a part-time position, based on the amount you actually work:

  • 100% position - 8 days
  • 90% position - 7,2 days
  • 80% position - 6,4 days
  • 75% position - 6 days
  • 70% position - 5,6 days
  • 60% position - 4,8 days
  • 50% position - 4 days

Note that "senior days" does not count as holidays and therefore, it cannot be transferred between calendar years. Nor can compensation be agreed with salary for non-discontinued senior days

The year you retire

In the year you retire, the withdrawal is calculated proportionately based on when in the year you retire. For example, if you resign on 1 July, you can take half of the agreed number of senior days, i.e. four days.

Additional vacation week

The year you turn 60, you have the right to an additional week of vacation. You can use this additional time off consecutively, but not necessarily connected with the rest of your regular holiday.

Holiday pay constitutes 14,3 percent of the rate used to calculate your holiday pay from the year before.