Holiday pay

Holiday pay is a percentage of the salary you earned last year and is paid out according to an agreement between the unions and the state. More information about holiday pay below.

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Payment of holiday pay

Holiday pay is paid out in June. This is regardless of when you actually take time off. Holiday pay for additional wages paid (overtime, work paid by the hour, etc.) is also paid out in June. Go to Payment schedule for salaries and refunds for specific dates.

However, if you were not on the job in the previous year, you will not receive holiday pay as it is a percentage of the salary you earned last year, even though you will get time off.

See: Holiday law § 11 (in Norwegian).

By resignation

By resignation, your holiday pay is generally paid out with your last paycheck.

How to calculate holiday pay

Learn more about how holiday pay is calculated (PDF)

Holiday pay is substituted for your regular salary

When you take a holiday, the days you are away are subtracted from your salary. However, because you are eligible for holiday pay, you are paid a salary that is equivalent to the holiday days that you will use up. The holiday pay system does this in one month, by subtracting salary equivalent to five weeks of holiday leave from your June pay.

Your full holiday leave (25 work days) actually represents more than a full month of paid work (typically 22 work days), which means that your net salary for June is a negative amount. However, your holiday pay (if you have earned the full 25 days) more than covers this deduction and your gross pay in June is normally larger than your normal gross monthly pay.

Additionally, taxes are not deducted from holiday pay so that your net pay in June is generally larger than your usual monthly pay.

Example of how your June pay is calculated:

  • Gross monthly pay in June: kr 30,000
  • Holiday pay 12%: kr 38,000
  • Deduction for 5 weeks of holiday (June pay x 12 months x 25 days / 5 days * 52 weeks): - kr 34,615
  • Gross pay in June: kr 33,385

Employees over 60

Individuals who turn 60 during the course of a holiday year have the right to an extra week of holiday leave. These days can be used together, but not necessary with the rest of your holiday.

To cover the deduction for five extra holiday days, individuals over 60 are paid an extra 2.3% in holiday pay. The total rate is then 14.3 % within 6 x G. Holiday pay over 6 x G is still calculated with 12 %.

See also: Senior days

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