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New page in progress: Self-certification is used for sick leave from one to eight calendar days. On this page you will see how to use self-certification and which exceptions apply.

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Notify your manager

If you're absent from work due to illness, you must notify your manager as soon as possible during the first day of absence. This can be done, for example, by calling or sending a text message. Ask your manager how they prefer to be informed about your absence.

In addition to notifying in this manner, you must also submit a self-certified or a doctor-certified sick leave.

How to submit a self-certified sick leave

When you return to work, you should submit a self-report starting from the first full working day you were absent until the last one. The self-report can be submitted through the Self-Service Portal or the DFØ app.

knapp Log in to the Self-service portal

Go to Time and create a request for absence and select absence type "Self-certification 120".

See guide: Requests for absence (

Newly employed

In order to be entitled to self- certified sick leave, you must have been an employee at NTNU for over 2 months. In cases of becoming ill before 2 months of employment, a doctor- certified sick leave is required.

Number of self-certified days

Self-certified sick leave can be used for up to eight calendar days at a time, and a total of 24 days within the last 12 months.

Note that the 12-month period is calculated from date to date, not from January 1st to December 31st. It does not reset at the beginning of a new year.

Weekends and days off counts

If you are sick on both sides of the weekend (or another non-working period), the days off must be counted when calculating the right to use self-certified days.

Your absence overview

You can find the overview of your self-certification quota in the Self-service portal under time - quota overview. The rest column decreases as your manager approves your absence applications with the absence type "self-certification 120".

Absence exceeding eight calendar days

If you are ill for more than 8 calendar days or for 8 days within a 16-day period, you must have a medical certificate from a doctor. Dentists, psychologists, and chiropractors can also issue certificates for shorter periods.

Submitting a medical certificate

The medical certificate must be submitted digitally, with some exceptions allowing for paper submissions. Foreign medical certificates can only be submitted in paper form. A copy must be sent to NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) and another copy to NTNU.

Self-certified absence after sick leave

You cannot use self-certifies absence due to illness immediately after being on doctor-certified sick leave for more than 16 days. There must be a 16-calendar day gap from your first day back at work after sic leave before you can use self-certified absence due to illness again.

Self-certified after leave

After taking statutory leave (e.g., parental leave), you must work for at least 4 weeks before you can use self-certification.

If you have taken other unpaid/paid leave for more than 14 calendar days, you must work for at least 2 months again before you can use self-reporting.

Illness occurring within the first 4 weeks after leave must be documented with a medical certificate.

Self-certified absence and partial sick leave

You cannot use self-reporting when you are on partial sick leave. In such cases, you must obtain a medical certificate from a doctor specifying the degree of your sick leave.

You cannot accumulate "plus time" during a period of partial sick leave. Please refer to Statens Personalhåndbok 9.15, the special agreement on flexible working hours in the public sector.

Self-reporting and AAP

You cannot use self-reporting if you are receiving work assessment allowance (AAP) for all or part of your employment. If you fall ill while receiving work assessment allowance, your leave degree should be increased for the relevant days. NAV will compensate for the loss of income by marking your card as "sick" on your income reporting form.

Employees paid by the hour

Go to time-limited contracts page for information about sick leave and time sheets for hourly employees.

When can you no longer use self-certified absence?
According to the law, you may lose the right to use self-reporting for a certain period. If this becomes relevant, you will first have the opportunity to provide your statement. Refer to the National Insurance Act §8-27 for more information.


If you have questions about absence and illness, you can contact your nearest leader. You can also contact the Occupational Health Services for advice and guidance.

If you have questions regarding the rules around absence and illness, contact the Service center.

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