Digital medical certificates

Procedures for submitting and processing digital medical certificates.

Norsk versjon - Digital sykemelding

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The introduction of digital medical certificates means some changes in the procedures for handling notification of illness for employees, managers and HR personnel.

Employees who need to submit a medical certificate

Remember that both a medical certificate and an application for sickness benefits must be submitted. It is not enough to submit the medical certificate on its own.

On the same day that you are certified sick

When you have been declared sick, you receive an SMS or email with a link for submitting a digital medical certificate. Log in using Bank-ID to check the medical certificate from your doctor and forward it to your employer. You should do this on the same day that you are certified sick. Your employer will be informed that you have submitted a medical certificate and will be able to read it electronically.

If you have submitted a digital medical certificate, you must not submit a medical certificate on paper as well.

Last day of sick leave

On the last day of the sick leave period, you will get a new SMS or email. You must log in via BankID again – this time, to submit the application for sickness benefits to your employer. If you have a lengthy period of sick leave, you will need to do this several times during the period.

The application corresponds to part D of the old paper version of the document. In the application, you must provide information and answer questions relevant to your sickness benefits.
Among other things, you must state whether you have had self-certified absence before this period of sick leave, if you returned to work before the period of sick leave ended, if you have worked or taken holiday leave during the period, if you have stayed abroad, etc. You will not be able to submit the application before you have answered all the questions.

Read the questions carefully and answer correctly, so you do not need to log in and correct the application later.

When you have submitted the application, your employer will be notified of this and will be able to read it electronically.

Exceptions to the requirement for digital submission of a medical certificate

Only digital medical certificates are valid. Exceptions to this are:

  • Employees who have opted out of digital communication with the public sector
  • Employees who for various reasons do not have access to log in with BankID
  • Employees who receive a medical certificate from a hospital or other specialist health service


  • If you have any questions about digital medical certificates, contact the service center