Safety requirements for fume cupboards

A fume cupboard must comply to a number of requirements for it to be safe to use. The requirements cover the size of the work opening, the air removal speed, and testing the alarm. These requirements apply to both students and employees.

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  • The maximum allowed working opening is 30 cm. This should be marked on the cupboard.
  • The air removal speed in the cupboard should be regulated to 0,50 m/s (+/- 0,05 m/s). The air removal speed should be checked and adjusted during the yearly technical inspection.
  • The lower limit for air removal speed is 0,40 m/s. Cupboards equipped with alarms should sound the alarm when the air removal speed is lower than 0,40 m/s.

If the air removal speed falls below 0,40 m/s, the cupboard should be closed and marked with a warning. The air removal speed in the fume cupboard should be checked during self inspection and the yearly technical inspection

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Approved by the head of HSE - February 21 2014 - HMSRV6201E - ePhorte 2014/3970