Actions and reporting in the case of problems with fume cupboards

These guidelines describe how you should react if an alarm is triggered or the ventilation stops working, as well as to whom you should report the problem. These guidelines apply to both students and employees.

Norsk versjon: Tiltak og varsling ved feil og driftsavbrudd i avtrekksskap

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In the case of a triggered alarm

Reporting a problem 

The person responsible for the room or the HSE coordinator report the problem to the Campus Services Division via e-vaktmester. Describe the problem as precisely as possible. Always remember to provide the cupboard’s bar code (starts with +).

For hospital buildings run by St Olav’s Hospital, the problem should be reported to Customer services at tel. 06750.

Disruption of the ventilation system

In the case of unexpected disruption of the ventilation system, the Campus Services Division will immediately warn the affected unit.

In the case of planned disruptions in the ventilation system that affect the fume cupboard, the Campus Services Division should warm the affected unit at least 10 days in advance.

Lack of enough suck in a fume cupboard can be very dangerous. Stop your work immediately if this happens. The affected unit should consider if other measures might be necessary: warning the users, closing the laboratory, moving the contents of the cupboard, etc.

Also see

Contact information

The person responsible for the room or HSE coordinator at the unit.

If the need arises for emergency help outside of regular work hours::

  • NTNU, Technical emergency preparedness: tel. 918 97 335.
  • St. Olav’s Hospital, technical guard: tel. 995 84 151


Approved by the head of HSE - February 21 2014 - HMSRV6203 - ePhorte 2014/3970