Purchasing or removing fume cupboards

These guidelines apply to leaders or employees responsible for moving or buying fume cupboards.

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If you are planning to move, remove or purchase a new fume cupboard, contact the Campus Services Division via e-vaktmester. Provide the cupboards ID code (starts with +) if you are removing or moving a cupboard.

Removing or moving fume cupboards

An application must be filed to remove or move fume cupboards if this involves a functional change or remodelling of a room.Apply for small remodelling projects (doc, in Norwegian) Send the completed application to your faculty for approval via ePhorte.

Purchasing new fume cupboards

Purchasing a new fume cupboard should follow NTNU’s purchasing guidelines and the rules for public purchases (both in Norwegian).

  • To ensure that the correct equipment and quality is purchased, determine how the cupboard is intended to be used. Make sure that the cupboard will have access to water and drainage, gas outlets, electricity, etc., if necessary. These individual requirements should be filled in in the checklist of requirements.
  • Determining how the cupboard will be used is important because this determines the necessity for special ventilation. This especially applies to aggressive or corrosive vapours. The requirements do not cover work with hydrogen fluoride, perchloric acid, isotopes or explosives. Specific requirements to corrosive resistance, radioactive shielding or robustness may apply in these cases. The requirements are specified in NS-EN14175-7. Find the applicable standard for the fume cupboard (requires login to the NTNU network).
  • A new fume cupboard may only be established if the capacity of the ventilation system it will be attached to is large enough. Contact the Campus Services Division via e-vaktmester to have the need for air flow for safety as well as the simultaneous use factor (the number fume cupboards that can be run simultaneously) evaluated.
  • Determine the simultaneous use factor (the number fume cupboards that can be run simultaneously) before purchasing or moving the cupboard. Normally, the simultaneous use factor should be at least 60%, but we differentiate between two types of use:
    • In regular laboratories, the simulataneous use factor must be no less than 60%. This factor increases to 80% for teaching laboratories.
    • In some teaching laboratories, all the fume cupboards need to be used simultaneously and the requirement is increased to 100%.

The Campus Services Division is responsible for registering the new cupboard in the central database (the FDV system) and including it in the service agreement. The unit using the cupboard should supply the following information for registering the fume cupboard:

  • building
  • room number
  • supplier
  • type of cupboard
  • type of alarm
  • cupboard width

Requirements for new fume cupboards

New fume cupboards should meet the requirements in the requirements when purchasing a new fume cupboard (docx, in Norwegian) The cupboard should be placed based on the requirements to distance between the cupboard, doors and walls. The requirements are specified in CEN/TS 14175-5. Find the requirements for a fume cupboard (requires login to the NTNU network). Separate requirements apply to fume cupboards and ventilation systems to high temperatures and acids are used. See NS-EN 14175-7. Find the requirements for a fume cupboard (requires login to the NTNU network). Take special care when working with hydrogen fluoride or perchloric acid.

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Contact information

Contact the Campus Services Division for questions on removing, moving or purchasing fume cupboards.


Approved by the head of HSE – February 21 2014 - HMSRV6206E - ePhorte 2014/3970