Publish doctoral theses in NTNU Open

After your Phd defence, you can get your thesis available in full-text via NTNU's institutional archive, NTNU Open.

Norsk versjon: Publisere doktoravhandling i NTNU Open

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How to publish your thesis Open Access (OA) in NTNU Open

  • Fill out the author's agreement to authorise the Library to publish your thesis OA.
  • Print and sign the agreement.
  • Enclose information about the material's intellectual property rights and the status of any manuscripts featured in the thesis.
  • Submit the agreement:

Alternative 1: Scan the agreement and e-mail it to

Alternative 2: Mail two copies of the agreement to: Publiseringsgruppa, Bibliotekseksjon for samlinger og digitale tjenester, att: Katherine Fonn, NTNU Universitetsbiblioteket, 7491 TRONDHEIM

What is the next step?

  • You do not have to send the thesis to the library. After your Phd defence the library automatically receives a digital file from the printing office. All Phd thesis are stored digitally in NTNU Open.
  • Even if the library receives and stores your thesis digitally in NTNU Open, no more than meta data and abstract will be published Open Access from your thesis until you have submitted the author's agreement (see above).
  • In addition to publishing the thesis OA, the library will check the articles' intellectual property rights with the appropriate journals.


  • Who has the rights to publish the thesis if it is a monograph (not a collection of articles)?
    • In these cases, you have all the rights. Submit an author's agreement to publish openly (see above).
  • Who has the rights to publish the thesis if it is a collection of articles?
    • For published articles where an author's agreement has been made with a publisher, the publisher's guidelines apply. In these cases, the journals might also have the rights to the articles, while you have the rights to the thesis. The library will check the journals' policies and help you to find out whether the thesis can be openly published or not.
  • Can I make my doctoral thesis available later?
    • Yes, you may submit the author's agreement (see above) to the library at any time to make it public.
  • At Sherpa/Romeo you can check which rights apply.

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