Plagiarism control - Using Urkund in Blackboard

This page gives an introduction on how to use Ouriginal Plagerism Checker in Blackboard.
This page is applicable to employees in administrative and academic positions.

Norwegian version: Bruke Ouriginal i Blackboard

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What is Ouriginal?

NTNU uses Ouriginal ( for plagiarism control of assignments. Ouriginal compares a submitted assignment with previously submitted work at NTNU, in addition to other sources from the internet. The system performs an analysis and creates a report that states similarity in percent between the submitted text and other sources, hence contributing to uncover possible plagiarism cases. The report directly refers to sources and text that have similarities. Read more about guidelines for use and how the plagiarism control works at Plagiarism control at NTNU.

How to activate Ouriginal in Blackboard

When Ouriginal Plagiarism Checker is activated for an assignment, the system generates a report and states similarity in percent between the submitted assignment and other sources. The report will appear as a link available via the grade center.

  1. Check that edit mode is ON (1), create a new assignment (see Creating individual mandatory assignments) or edit an existing assignment.

  2. Under Instructions you find the text editor for the assignment. Click the plus icon (1). Activate Urkund from Mashups button in the text editor
    1. A new window will appear. Click on Ouriginal Plagerism Checker (2). New window
    2. A new window with settings appears with the following options:

      You choose the options in Urkund in the window that appears when you choose Urkund Plagiarism Checker
    3. Check Submissions for potential plagiarism using Ouriginal (1) has to be checked for the Plagiarism control to be carried out.
    4. Allow student to view originality report (2) allows students to see the analysis report. A link to the report will be added to the feedback the student received with the assignment.
    5. By ticking off Include similarity score in Grade Center (3) a column will be created containing the similarity score (0-100%) in the Grade center. The similarity score states the degree of similarity between the submitted assignment and other sources. If there are multiple submissions by the same student, the cell for similarity score state "MULTI" to indicate there are multiple similarity scores for the submission.
    6. Submit previously received answers for plagiarism control (4) makes it possible to carry out plagiarism control on assignments that have already been submitted at the time of activation. This option will not be applicable if you activate the plagiarism control before anyone submits their assignment.
    7. Click Submit (5) to save the settings.
  3. A logo and the text Plagiarism Check by Ouriginal (1) is added to the Instructions in the assignment and will be part of the assignment description shown to the students. The text and logo tells you the activation was successful. If you want to remove the text and logo, you can do so by editing the assignment after saving. Click "Submit (2)" to save the assignment.

    Complete the activation by clicking Submit

Note: Ouriginal can be deactivating by clicking the Ouriginal plagiarism checker from Mashups.

Reviewing the results

  1. Click on Grade Center (1) under Course Management and find the assignment/student you want to grade. Click on the little arrow that appears and choose Attempt (2).

    See similarity score and grade submission from the Grade Center
  2. You will now find the submission with Blackboard grading tool. Click on the arrow under Attempt (1) to expand the description. Here you will find the link to the report in the feedback (2) and comments (3) boxes. The link must be copied (ctrl +c) and pasted (ctrl + v) to a new tab or browser window to be able to open.

    A link to the report is found in the feedback box

For further information about how to understand the report generated by the grade center se Plagarism control - Understanding the Ouriginal analysis report

Watch a video

Explaining the analysis report i Ouriginal.

Useful information

  • Ouriginal supports the 12 most common word processing formats:
    (.DOC. DOCX. SXW. PPT. PPTX. PDF. TXT. RTF. Html. Htm. WPS. ODT)
  • If there are no disturbances the result of the examination will be delivered within about 30 minutes after it was submitted, but it may in some circumstances take up to 24 hours.
  • See Ouriginal web-inbox for checking already submitted work for plagiarism .

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Contact Section for Teaching and Learning Support for help with Ouriginal through NTNU Help.