File permissions

Files on the file server can be protected against other people reading, writing, or searching in them. You can set these permissions yourself. In Windows this is done automatically, so the instructions applies to Unix environments such as Mac OS X and Linux.

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Home directory

New home directories are protected and blocked from others, so they can not see or edit what is in them. They are only accessible to the owner, and there are no technical reasons to open them. The web catalogue is on a separate disk and is automatically read-only for everyone. You can still block files and folders if you wish. New files will automatically have read-write access for the file owner. You can change these settings yourself. If you're a student, you may connect to your home directory with the address:


Web catalogue

Your web catalogue is on a separate web disk that automatically will set the permissions on all new files. You will therefore not normally have to think about this at all when creating new files. For different reasons, it may happen that you need to specify these permissions again. You can connect to your web catalogue with the address:


Read more on how to create your own website by clicking the link.

Group catalogues

Sometimes a project group will use their own group catalogue. This catalogue is read-write only for the group members and the owner. If you use the catalogue in a Unix environment, the files will automatically get the same read-write permissions as your other files.

Make files write and read for the group

unmask -S ug=rwx,o=

is a Unix command that will make sure that when you work on files in a collaboration group, the files will automatically be write access for the group.

When you return to work on your local files, you may want to reverse this action by using the following command:

unmask -S u=rwx,go=

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