Connect to your home directory via Windows

NTNU's file servers allow students and employees to connect to different NTNU directories as if they were their own station in Windows. This is a way to easily and safely get access to your files, and is an alternative to using an SFTP-program.

Norsk versjon - Koble til nettverksområde med Windows

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First: Connect via VPN

If you are not directly connected to NTNU's network, you do not have automatic access to the servers -- this is for security purposes. However, you can connect by using VPN (Virtual Personal Network). VPN installation and setup.

Connect via Windows

Windows 8 and 10

  1. Hold down the windows key and press 'e'.
  2. Click on This PC, then click the Computer-tab and choose Map Network Drive.
  3. You should now see a window that asks you about the network drive and path. The network name is optional, since Windows only allows you to choose valid network drive names. Enter the path of the network drive you want to connect to, check Connect using different credentials and press Finish. The list of paths can be found towards the bottom of this article under Overview of NTNU's file servers. Note that the paths vary depending on whether you are a student or employee.
  4. Enter\username and password, then click OK.

Overview of NTNU's file servers

Home directory Description
\\\ntnu Shared area for employees (available from 01/01/2017)
\\\username Home directory for students. Substitute username with your username.
\\\groups\groupname Group directory for students. Substitute groupname with the name of your group.
\\\username Your home page for students and employees at Gives you all reading right to the files that you store here.
\\\groupswww\groupnameHome page for groups. Provides reading rights to everyone for the files that you store there. Substitute groupname with the name of your group.
\\\usernameHome directory for employees. Substitute username with your NTNU username.
\\\adm Old shared area for NTNU administration employees
\\\ivt Old shared area for IVT
\\\nt Old shared area for NT
\\\www Web area for NTNU. Limited access for most employees.

After you are done, click on Finish (Fullfør). If you have questions about your user name or password, follow the instructions below. Then you can use the area as if it is a regular hard drive


  • Enter win-ntnu-no\yourusername and then your password in the second box (Your NTNU username and password).
  • Contact Orakel Support Services if you have not been given a user name or password.

For a student with the user name "johnsmith", the text in the space for User name/Brukernavn is as follows:

Hvor du finner mappen du har åpnet

Known problems

Time out: The connection has a tendency to disconnect after a while. You just have to create a little activity on the drive which should result in a new connection. This tendency to disconnect may cause problems if you are working with Microsoft Office files on the network. To avoid these problems, we recommend that you download the files and work with them locally, and upload them again when you are done.

Problems connecting: March 28th 2012, there was a change in the security system, which resulted in problems connecting to the home directory To fix this problem you can copy the following text in a text document in Notepad and save the file as anything.reg, and then double click to run the file.

		Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


VPN: In some cases you must be connected to VPN, even when your computer is connected to Eduroam. This is worth a try if you are not able to connect to your home directory.

More information about VPN at NTNU here.


Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties.