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Experts in Teamwork - for village supervisors

Here you can find an overview of work tasks, seminars and important dates for you as a village supervisor in Experts in Teamwork.

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What is my responsibility as a village supervisor?

Your responsibility as a village supervisor is to support the students in an EiT village, so that they can develop teamwork skills, and practice communicating and applying their academic expertise.

This requires you to plan and go through with the village days in cooperation with the learning assistants, and to ensure that you use EiT’s experience-based teaching method.

The village supervisor has to work both in the autumn semester (preparation) and in the spring semester (during the actual village days).

What are my tasks as a village supervisor?

  • familiarize yourself with the course description (pdf)
  • develop a village theme and a web presentation that attracts students from across disciplines (see how to create a web presentation below)
  • participate in EiTs courses and seminars that help develop you as a village supervisor
  • establish and coordinate cooperation with the working life
  • familiarize yourself with the attendance rules for the students, and take attendance
  • plan and go through with the village days in cooperation with the learning assistants
  • be a discussion partner for the learning assistants in their effort in facilitating the group processes
  • lead and be present in the village, arrange for and guide the student groups
  • inform the students about the learning material
  • provide feedback on submitted work during the semester / intensive period
  • support the implementation of the student survey
  • conduct oral presentations for projects, as well as dialogues about the teamwork
  • carrying out a course evaluation and writing a course report in KASPER

In sum, the village supervisor's most important task is to support the students in an EiT village, so that they can develop teamwork skills, and practice communicating and applying their academic expertise.

What is the estimated workload?

The total workload is 240 hours. Village supervisors spend approximately 80 hours on preparation in the autumn, and approximately 160 hours with the village and grading students in spring.

Start date

The intensive villages start on Monday January 6 2025, and the semester-based villages start on Wednesday January 8 2025.
See also the list of important dates for intensive and semester based villages.

Resources for students, village supervisors and learning assistants

You will find digital resources for the village in NTNU-BOX.

Important materials for the students

In NTNU BOX you will find important learning materials for the students. We request that village supervisors upload the following content to Blackboard:

  • Guide for students. This is also available directly on the website for EiT students.
  • Book of reflections for students as pdf
  • Guide for and login to online course for students

The University Library publishes a digital bibliography in Blackboard through the tool Leganto.

Teaching materials for village supervisors and learning assistants

This is available for village supervisors and learning assistants in separate folders in NTNU-BOX:

  • Presentations for use in the village
  • Material for exercises for use in the village
  • Material from the EiT seminars
  • Digital version of The EiT book
  • Digital version of The Book of reflection

Online course

Together with the learning assistants, you as the village leader will facilitate that the students gain an increased understanding of and skills in interdisciplinary collaboration. This online course provides an introduction to key concepts that form the basis of EiT's pedagogical platform. The course includes the following topics that can be viewed independently:

  • Student active learning
  • Student project and project development
  • Facilitation as a pedagogical method
  • Group dynamics
  • Virtual collaboration

A version for students of resp. Norwegian and English are made available via a pdf in the student folder in NTNU-BOX, which we ask you to upload to Blackboard.

Recommended platforms for digital teaching

NTNU has two approved tools for real-time, digital teaching Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom. On the Inside you will find instructions for Blackboard Collaborate and for Zoom.

Reference group and course report

The village supervisor is responsible for carrying out a course evaluation and writing a course report in KASPER, NTNU’s quality assurance system. The Experts in Teamwork Academic Section recommends that the course evaluation is done with the help of reference groups. As a contribution to the course report, each village supervisor also receives feedback from the students in the village through selected questions in EiT's survey.

The village supervisor is responsible for establishing a reference group in the village, see: KASPER - Study programme management system. A representative of each student group and village supervisor must attend. Additionally, (one of) the learning assistants can be asked to participate.

For semester-based villages the Experts in Teamwork Academic Section recommends three reference group meetings: one at the start, one midway through and one at the end of the course. For intensive villages two meetings may be sufficient.

The reference group must submit proposals for measures to improve the students' learning outcomes in EiT. The minutes from the reference group meetings form the basis for the course report that is written at the end of the semester.

For more information on creating reference groups and evaluation of courses: Methods for student evaluation of courses.

Activities and deadlines for village supervisors autumn 2024


  • Q&A: Online presentation of the village
    15. Aug, 12:00-13:00 (Norwegian) and 14:00-15:00 (English)
    Digital workshop for all village supervisors, where you could ask questions and discuss challenges related to the online presentation with persons in the EiT Academic Section.



  • Information meeting: What is EiT?
    01. Oct. 13:00-14:00 (Norwegian) and 14:15-15:15 (English)
    Online meeting for new village supervisors and all learning assistants. Basic information about the course Experts in Teamwork.
  • Start-up meeting for Gjøvik and Ålesund.
    1. Oct, 14:30-15.30. Invitation by email.
    Get together for LL and LA in Gjøvik og Ålesund and onboarding for the learning assistants.
  • Online course on learning design and group dynamics
    Invitation by email. Date of publication: TBA.
    For village supervisors and learning assistants. Content: theory on learning, group dynamics, facilitation, student projects and project development.


  • EiT in practice - obligatory for new village supervisors
    Arranged from 5.-8., Nov. (Trondheim Spektrum), 12. Nov. (Gjøvik). 08:30-16:00.
    Full day seminar about the practical implementation of EiT. New village supervisors in Ålesund attend one of the seminars in Trondheim. Please note that only the seminar on 8. Nov is held in English.
  • The village spring 2025 - obligatory for all village supervisors
    One day during the period 14-19. Nov, 08:30-13:30. Please note that only the seminar on 19. Nov is held in English.
    Digital seminar. Meet your learning assistants, discuss and share experiences and with other village supervisors, start planning your village.
  • Project Design in Practice - voluntarily for all village supervisors
    21. Nov, 12:00-14:00 (Norwegian). 22. Nov 12:00-14:00 (English). Digital seminar.
    In-depth discussions on the topic of EiT student projects and project development, introduction to the ecosystem for student innovation at NTNU, share experiences and ideas with other EiT village supervisors and ask questions to the EiT Academic Section.
  • Assessment workshop - recommended for all village supervisors
    26. Nov. 09:15-11:00 (Norwegian) and 12:15-14:00 (English).
    Digital workshop for all village supervisors about what constitutes the content of the process report in EiT and the assessment of the report. The aim is that it will become clearer what this report consists of, how it is created and what the requirements are. This clarification might contribute to the preparation for and conduction of the teaching and grading at the end of the course.


  • Workshop on virtual learning environment in EiT
    10. Dec. 14.00-15.30.
    Workshop for village supervisors who will conduct their village in whole or in part virtually. Main focus: Digital relation building, how to make students work more as a team and share experiences.
  • Deadline: You send an invitation/welcome message by e-mail or in Blackboard to the students in your village.
    Latest: 13. Dec.

What is the online presentation of the village?

Each village is presented on the Experts in Teamwork web page in the autumn semester. This presentation is what helps the students choose their village. The online presentation is consequently one of the most important tools in recruiting students to the village, and it is your responsibility as village supervisor.

On 17 August 2023, EiT is organizing a Q&A on the web description of the village. Here you could ask questions and discuss challenges related to the presentation with persons in the EiT Academic Section. You will receive an email with an invitation.

How do I proceed?

You have to download and fill out a template for the online presentation of your village (.docx). You then send this document to your EiT contact person at your faculty, who ensures that it is published (see contact details here). Deadline for submission of the presentation to the faculty contact person is 1 September.

The online presentations are published 1 October, and the students’ deadline to decide which villages they want to join is 1 November.

See *Online presentation of the EiT Village: What, Why and How? *(PDF) for guidance on choosing a village title, the use of images and what you should write about in the presentation of the village.

Presentation samples

Here are some examples, in Norwegian, of how to fill out the template, and what the presentation will look like when it is published. Please note that these presentation samples are not actual presentations from previous years.


Contact the Academic Section at or (for LAs)

Contact information for the faculties and the Section for EiT.

If you have technical questions about Blackboard or need technical assistance, contact Orakel Support Services.