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Course channels on Innsida

All courses at NTNU have a dedicated message channel in Innsida which can be used to communicate with students enrolled in the course. This communication option can be used as a supplement to Blackboard.

Norsk versjon - Emnekanaler i Innsida.

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To use your course channel

As an instructor you can choose to use or ignore this communication option. To use your course channel, all you have to do is:

  1. Inform your students that you will be using this communication option.
  2. Post a welcoming message to your students.

See this detailed guide if you need help with writing your first message: Post a message on Innsida.

Who can read course channel messages?

  • Students registered for the course will see these messages when they check Innsida.
  • Registered coordinators and instructors
  • Other interested NTNU employees and students who have manually subscribed
  • External readers who have found the channel's RSS feed. This external feed can be accessed without logging into the intranet.

You can choose to limit access to the channel, so that only registered students and subscribers can access your posts by changing the read access priveleges. The RSS-feed for the channel will be removed, and all new requests for access will require your approval.

Who can post messages to a course channel?

The standard settings for course channels provide edit privileges to:

  • Registered course coordinators and instructors
  • Other individuals who are added manually as channel administrators

Course instructors can edit the channel settings if they wish to allow students to post messages as well. Changing the write access setting from "Administrators" to "Subscribers" willl make this possible.

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