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From autumn semester 2020, we will use the new Online Course Planner (Emneplanlegging på nett, EpN), which is a national system developed by UNIT (Direktoratet for IKT og fellestejenester i høyere utdanning og forskning). 

Norsk versjon - Emneplanlegging på nett

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What is EpN?

EpN (Online Course Planner) is a planning tool used to create and edit courses. The course information is obtained from FS (Felles studentsystem) for editing in the EpN application. After the courses has gone through a quality assurance process, the courses will be returned to FS again.

The courses must be quality assured in the tool through various stages. The stage you have access to is determined by your role in the application: 

  • Fagperson (S0 og S1)
  • Kvalitetssikrer (S2)
  • Godkjenner (S3)
  • FS-klarerer (S4)

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  • Significant changes: 15 December.
    • New courses
    • Terminated courses
    • Courses that change teaching semester
    • Courses that will not to be taught next academic year
  • Completion of course registration in EpN: 15 February.
  • It is no longer possible to register timetable data in EpN. A new solution for obtaining timetable data will be available at NTNU approximately in January 2021.

User guidelines

Here you may find the user guidelines (only in Norwegian):

 Also see video on how to create a new course in EpN (17:14)

 Also see video on how to revise an existing course in EpN (19:00)

A more detailed description set by the pricipal, describes the process for developing study plans and course descriptions:

Course codes

When creating new courses, any proposals for course codes should be based on previous code structures.

The course code is a key that is part of many relationships in several computer systems. In order to maintain a code system that is intended to be robust over time, there must be good reasons for changing an established course code.


You will find a contact form for user support at NTNU Hjelp.