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This wiki gives an introduction to Notebooks, pages, standard templates, sections and sections groups in OneNote.

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NB! This guide describes functionality in OneNote for Windows 10.


Everyone at NTNU has a notebook called Name@NTNU, but you can easily create new notebooks. Every notebook is stored in your own personal OneDrive at NTNU, which makes it possible to access your notes from any device with an internet connection.

Create a new notebook

  1. Open OneNote for windows 10.
  2. Open the list of all your notebooks by clicking on the current notebook in the left side panel. (1)

  3. Click Add notebook (2) on the bottom of the panel.

  4. Give the notebook a name in the popup and click save.

Sections and section groups

  • Sections are "folders" that can be used to structure your notes into categories.
  • Section groups are a way to group sections into "folders". E.g. if you use OneNote to take lecture notes for various courses, you can group your courses (sections) based on year or semester (section group).

Create a new section

  1. Open your notebook.
  2. Click on Add section (1) at the bottom of the left side panel or right click on the left side panel and choose New Section (2).


Create a new section group

  1. Right click on the left side panel and choose New Section Group (1).

  2. Give the section group a name.
  3. Drag and drop sections into the section group (2).



Create a new page

  1. Open the section where you wish to add a new page (1).
  2. Click on Add page (2) on the bottom of the left side panel or right click on the panel and choose New Page (3).


Create a standard template for a section

If you create a standard template for your section, every new page in the section will follow this template. This can be useful for writing meeting minutes or lecture notes in a course.

  1. Create a new page and design the template as you see fit.
  2. Right click on the page in the left side panel and choose Set as Default Template.

Example of a notebook structure


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