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This wiki will give an introduction to the accessibility tools in Onenote.

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Immersive Reader

Immersive reader is an accessibility tool that lets you customize how content in OneNote is presented. Anyone can use the immersive reader at any content at any time, e.g. to increase line spacing, focus read on one line at a time, or have the text read aloud.

The immersive reader can be found in the View-tab (1) > Immersive reader (2).

Screenshot. The immersive reader.

The Immersive reader has several options: Text options (A), Grammar options (B), Reading preferences (C), Play out loud (D), and Speaking Preferences (E).

Screnshot. Immersive reader options.

Text options

In Text options (A), you can change the font size (1), increase line spacing (2), change font type (3), or change the color theme (4).

Screenshot. Text options in the immersive reader.

Grammar options

Grammar options (B) lets you see syllables (1), color code words by their word classes (2) and add word class labels (3).

Screenshot. Grammar options in the immersive reader.

Reading preferences

In Reading preferences (C) you can:

  • change line focus (1) by showing either one, three or five lines at a time.
  • turn on Picture dictionary (2) which displays a visual illustration of nouns.
  • translate (3) the entire document, or single words.

    Screenshot. Reading preferences

Text to speech

Immersive reader has a built-in text to speech function. To activate text to speech, click the Play button in the immersive reader.

Screenshot. Settings for the immersive reader.

The spoken language is based on the language of your operating system. To change the language, you have to change the language on your computer.

You can change the speed in the audio settings next to the Play-button. Here you can also choose between a male or female voice.

Check accessibility

You can check whether your notebook or a page in the notebook complies with the requirements of universal design using the Check Accessibility function (A) (in the View-tab). The accessibility checker will scan your notebook and page and give you suggestions on improvement. An example is shown in the image below.

Screenshot. Accesibility checker in view-tab.

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