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OneNote is a digital notebook for note-taking and collaboration. All users with an NTNU account has access to OneNote as a part of the Microsoft 365 package.

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OneNote is a digital notebook for note-taking and collaboration. It is a part of Microsoft's Microsoft 365 package, and anyone with an NTNU user account can access to OneNote through Microsoft 365 in the waffle menu at Innsida (or by downloading the app).

When to use OneNote

OneNote is suitable for:

  • Writing, storing and organising notes (e.g. lecture/study notes, meeting minutes)
  • Project/task collaboration and management
  • Collaboration (note sharing, co-writing, etc.)


OneNote offers a range of functionality for effective note-taking and collaboration.

  • All of your notebooks are stored in the cloud (OneDrive or SharePoint).
  • Notebooks can be synchronized with both Teams and Outlook.
  • Notebooks can be shared with others, allowing for text collaboration.
  • The immersive reader offers a number of functionality to increase the accessibility of the notebook.
  • An accessibility checker evaluates the accessibility of your notes and suggests improvement.
  • The pen tool makes it possible to sketch/write by hand if you have a touch screen.
  • Imbed text, pictures, videos, tables, figures, mathematical formulas, pdfs, word-documents etc. into your notes.
  • Make audio recordings which synchronise with your writing.

The elements of OneNote

  • Notebook: Is a collection of sections and pages.
  • Section: Sections are like chapters in a book and helps you organise your pages.
  • Pages: The pages is where you make your notes.

User guides

NB! All user guides describe features from OneNote for Windows 10.


Orakel Support Service can help you if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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