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Microsoft 365 - Excel

This is how you get started with Excel. This page contains information on how to get acquainted with the Excel environment and answers to frequently asked questions about various functions in the program. The Excel spreadsheet program is part of the Microsoft 365 package that is free to download for NTNU students and staff. To download the Microsoft 365 suite or check out other guides, follow the Microsoft 365 portal.

Norsk versjon - Microsoft 365 - Excel

Getting Started

When you start Excel, you will get a blank spreadsheet with an upper and a lower menu. On Mac, you also have the option to launch the spreadsheet from a template. The upper menu is the main menu and consists of the following tabs:

  • Home - Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells, Editing
  • Insert - Tables, Illustrations, Add-ins, Charts, Rappoerter, Sparklines, Filters, Links, Text, Symbols
  • Page Layout - Themes, Page Setup, Scale to Fit, Sheet Options, Arrange
  • Formulas - Function Library, Defined Names, Formula Auditing, Calculation
  • Data - Get & Transform Data, Connections, Sort & Filter, Data Tools, Outline
  • Review - Proofing, Language, Comments
  • View - Workbook View, Show, Zoom, Window, Macros

To open or create new workbooks, you will find these options in the File-tab. On Windows, this is located next to the Home-tab. On Mac, this is located in Mac's built-in top menu.

In the lower menu in Excel, you have the option to open and switch between spreadsheets in the workbook. On the right side of the lower menu you can switch between normal layout and page layout. Next to these, it is possible to adjust the zoom percentage of the spreadsheet.

When you save your workbook, you can choose to save it locally on your computer or save it in OneDrive. By saving in OneDrive's cloud service, you have the opportunity to open and edit the document anywhere and use the online version of Excel, Excel Online.

Sharing and Collaboration

Guidance for sharing and collaboration

Tips and Tricks

Information on tips and tricks are coming soon.

User Guides

Microsoft 365 training


Contact Orakel Support Services (Orakeltjenesten in Norwegian) at if you have any more questions.