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Mentoring program

NTNU’s mentor programme for female researchers. Female associate professors can apply to participate.

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The aim of the program is to increase the number of women in professorships by contributing to career development. Furthermore, the program will contribute to network building between female researchers across NTNU and to create learning and development for mentees, mentors and NTNU as an organization.

The mentee role

As a mentee, you are an associate professor and have 2-4 years left until promotion. When applying, your motivation and justification will be emphasized.

The program will assist career development and increase knowledge of what is required to be qualified for a promotion position as a professor. Networking and exchange of experience with other mentees and mentors across NTNU is also a central part of the program.

The mentor role

As a mentor, you are a professor at NTNU and interested in contributing to development and growth both in others and yourself, and in developing an interdisciplinary network at NTNU. Both females and males can be mentors.

You will assist your mentee towards qualifying for promotion. The program will give you an increased understanding of the mentor role and tools to be used in the mentorship. Networking and exchanging experiences with colleagues across NTNU are also a central part of the program.

About the program

  • 4 joint meetings, one meeting only for mentors and two meetings only for mentees (mandatory meetings)
  • 10-12 meetings between mentee and mentor
  • The program has room for 20 mentees and 20 mentors
  • Mentees and mentors are connected interdisciplinary
  • The program is in Norwegian


The program is organized by the HR and HSE Division at NTNU, as part of the gender equality work and career development work. Jennybeth Ekeland at AFF is part of the development and implementation of the program.

Contact information

Kristin Skjeldestad, senior advisor in the HR and HSE department.