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Norsk versjon: Masteroppgave i matematiske fag - IMF

For the master's thesis in industrial mathematics (MTFYMA), see: Starting a master's thesis - civil engineer

For the master's thesis in natural science with teacher education (MLREAL), see: Natural science with teacher education - LUR


The master's thesis in mathematical sciences consists of a 45 credit course over two semesters:


Practical procedures and deadlines

  1. Find a supervisor and thesis topic (deadline for finding a supervisor, Jan. 15th, 2nd semester)
  2. Submit a master's contract, signed by the supervisor, to the department (deadline Sept. 15th)
  3. Submit your thesis (deadline June 1st) 


1. Finding a supervisor and a thesis topic

List of potential master's thesis topics given by supervisors at departement of mathematical sciences can be found here: project catalog. You are not required to choose one of the projects listed there, but they can serve as a guideline. Before January 15th in the 2nd semester, an application form will be posted to apply for a supervisor. The form will be published hereDeadline: 15th of January (2nd semester). However, we encourage students to contact potential supervisors as soon as possible after admission to discuss collaboration and topics.

You can also write you thesis in collaboration with a business or organization outside of NTNU. More information on this can be found here


2. Submitting a master's contract 

By September 15th in the 3rd semester, you must submit a signed master's contract to the department. The contract is submitted through sharepoint. After you have filled out the contract it will be sent to your supervisor for signing before it goes to the department for approval.


3. Submitting your finished thesis

Deadline for submitting your master thesis June 1st, at 14:00. 

If the deadline date falls on Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be extended until the following monday.

The master thesis is submitted digitally as a .pdf-file in Inspera.

Remember to follow the routines for completing the thesis, see: Finalizing the bachelor and master thesis.

Applying for extended deadline

If you're delayed in progress due to illness, uncontrollable circumstances, or other reasons, you can apply for an extended deadline.

A written application needs to be submitted to the IE-faculty ( A written statement or other documentation is required, as well as a new plan for completion in collaboration with your supervisor.

For a delayed deadline due to teaching assistant duties (læringsassistent) at NTNU, contact the department office for mathematical sciences (

If you are not able to submit by the deadline, without applying for and being granted an extended deadline, your thesis might be graded as a Fail - F (See §5-9 in Supplementary Regulations for programmes in the natural sciences at NTNU).



The assessment deadline is 3 months after submission.


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For more information and resources in connection with writing a master's thesis, see Writing and submitting your master's thesis.

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